Europa - Super Stratics Saturday!

Super Stratics Saturday! - 16th Edition

Welcome to the 16th Super Stratics Sunday. There goes another week; one where I’ve been very busy with a few things that I hope will turn out well.

I need your help Europa. I need some screenshots for the screenshot section. I need suggestions for shops/taverns to visit that haven’t already been visited. I need to know if the taverns I list here are all still operating at the times I say they are and if there are any others that need to be added to the list.

If you have an establishment, a guild, or a news item you would like featured in a Super Stratics Sunday. A silly story based on in-game events, an idea for an article, or an event whether it takes place in fel or in tram then please send it over to [email protected] or PM me

Continuing the tour of Luna again, nearly at its completion now. So please send over some suggestions for taverns or shops to feature here.

First up this week is Threes-a-crowd owned by Pestilence. Selling Tokens and some artefacts.



Next up is The Church owned by Gloria. Selling alacrity scrolls and Power scrolls.

Finally this week we have “Luna Nort Shop (in side Luna)” just next to the north exit. Owned by ANTRAX. Selling all sorts of stuff. (Just to note shop name is not a typo on my part)


  • The latest Five on Friday is out. Including a long awaited fix for water barrels and house placement. Check that outHere


  • That concludes this weeks news. Seems there was very little happening over the last week.


Events next week,

  • The second HLP Trade Caravan is on Tuesday 22nd April. Check out full details Here
  • The Rusty Dagger Ale House is on TONIGHT. Its open every Sunday from 8pm to 9.30pm.
  • As always, Swaggers Inn, The Trinsic Rose and The Kings Deer Tavern are all open in the evenings ALL WEEK!


This weeks screenshot is another from the archives, apparently the tent is on fire.
Please send in some screenshots if you want them featured here. (No shops or taverns please. Keep those for the establishment section)