Europa - Super Stratics Saturday!

Super Stratics Saturday! - 1st Edition


Welcome to the first ever episode of this new feature. First let me explain what Super Stratics Saturday is, Every Saturday we'll be visiting an establishment, updating you with this weeks news, letting you know of any events next week and screenshots taken from this week.

Before we begin, You can take part in SSS (Super Stratics Saturday for short) next week if you wish by telling us your establishment, emailing us any screenshots or letting us know about any events etc! Our email address as always is [email protected] , You can also PM myself, Mapper.

This weeks establishment is one I frequent at, Its the largest shop I personally know of, Its Blue Wolf Traders outside Umbra! You can find a batch of questions asked by Ilysess here.

Owned by Lady Alcestis it is spread over 3 large plots and contains a massive 77 vendors! (On today's count). Each house is separated into departments, The Crafts & Resources plot to the left, The Main Building and the Right Wing to the right. Selling anything from, Plants, Instruments, Repair Deeds, Ingots, Fishing Items, Wood, Potions, Artifacts, Power Scrolls, Jewelry, Crafted Armor, Weapons, Special Sewing Kits.. The list does go on! But please remember it also sells runes to their shop, very useful.

Below are screenshots of the shop, Found at 26o59'N 26o38'E in Malas.


  • Within Europa Stratics we started applying for a couple new reporters! Kayne will be absent for a few weeks, But we also needed some extra help, So if you think you can help us out, Checkout the post found here.
  • Also, We have a new moderator! Petra Fyde has stepped up with Firdbird to provide moderation of the Europa forum. The thread can be found here.
  • Halloween is only a few weeks away and already we know what's in store! Magincia will be the invasion location on all shards, With new monsters and items up for grabs. Read more on the Halloween plans at the thread found here.
  • Our final piece of news this week is of the Role-playing guild 'GRD' or the 'Guardsman Militia' celebrate their 9th year of continued success. You can join their celebrations from Monday the 15th to Sunday the 21st of October where exciting events and fantastic prizes will be up for grabs. Events those days will be held around 8pm UK Time at Stonekeep, Yew, Trammel. You can find Stonekeep by going east down the path from Yew Graveyard.

    Anybody is welcome so go join them!

Events next week,

  • Well ALL week we have the Guardsman Militia celebrations, held at Stonekeep, Yew. Information and Directions noted above.
  • On Wednesday the 17th Oct we have the 174th edition of Leto's Europa Auction, 7pm UK Time, Gates provided at Britain Bank.
  • Also on Wednesday we have the 10th edition of Leto's new Europa Auction Lottery, The draw is at 8:30pm UK Time at the auction house after the auction. Tickets can be purchased from vendors, One of which is at the auction house. So buy one before the auction! You never know! Gates are provided for both auction and lottery at Britain Bank.

    Checkout for more details.

And now for the final piece of today's episode. Screenshot Saturday. If you want to have your screenshots here next week email them to [email protected] !

Take a good look.. It'll look very different on Halloween.

Thanks for reading, Join us next week for another dose of SSS!