Europa - Super Stratics Saturday!

Super Stratics Saturday! - 6th Edition


Hello! Why read this weeks episode? Well here you go!

An exclusive interview with the owner of 'The Trinsic Rose Tavern' a roleplay establishment coming up to its 3rd anniversary.

A 2d/KR walk around of The Trinsic Rose! - The owner made sure it looked great in both clients, Commitment for you!

The Guardsman Militia from Yew are recruiting! See the screenshots in this weeks episode.

Finally, This weeks news, next weeks events and Screenshot Saturday!

This weeks establishment is one that even I know of! The Trinsic Rose, Found near Trinsic Moongate is this weeks Establishment of the Week. Why? Well there are alot of roleplaying establishments out there and its about time we gave one its spotlight!

The Trinsic Rose is located near Trinsic Moongate, Check the map to the right for a better idea!

Before we visit the tavern I managed to get a few words with the owner of the tavern, Gwen Irima, Here is what she had to say!

Mapper: How long has the tavern been around?

Gwen: Heading for the 3rd anniversary this coming January, So that would be *counts* January 2005.


Mapper: Have you always been the owner ? Was a lady named VanQa when I last went.

Gwen: I am the player of VanQa but also the player of the new Owner Gwen Irima :P and yes I have always been the owner :)


Mapper: What time is it open? Every night after 8pm If I remember, But are there any nights when its really busy?

Gwen: Its open on Monday and Friday from 7 to 9-10-11 pm depending on how busy it is. The busy nights change all the time. When there is a lot to do in the world it is quiet, but there is always a regular amount of guests between 4 to 10 people.


Mapper: The taverns moved now to a tree house design and different location, What made you change?

Gwen: The reason was mostly space. It's the tavern but also the building I "live" in. Also the more space allowed me to put two rooms for rent back in for people who'd like to stay in the tavern for a few days or longer. A nice side effect of the bigger tavern area is also that I can set it up for special occasions, like a birthday party or a fancy dinner for many people.


Mapper: Onto the game itself now, Have you tried Kingdom Reborn? Do you like it?

Gwen: Hehehe Trick Question? Do I get cookies if I answer it correctly ?

I try Kingdom Reborn on a regular basis because if they are going to force us to play it I have to know how to play it before that time comes. With making the Trinsic Rose and the other buildings in the Elven Quarter I have logged in into both clients to make sure it all looked good in both Clients. I prefer the 2d version and I think it is a big shame they are eventually going to shut that down. Kingdom Reborn looks pretty... but if I were a new customer and saw the game in the shop for the first time I would not have bought it.


Mapper: Final question, Do you think roleplay is as popular as it used to be? Have the number of roleplayers stayed constant?

Gwen: To me personally roleplaying is what makes Ultima Online so much fun (I started UO in 2000 and started roleplaying about a year later). The day there is no more roleplay to be had with other players is probably the day I'll stop playing myself also. The numbers of roleplayers appear to me to have dwindled (became less) a lot lately, more then in the past. But the numbers go up and down all the time so i am not worried yet. There are still enough folks around to roleplay with and perhaps once KR has officially started new ones will come..

A big thank you to Gwen Irima for answering those questions!

Now onto the actual tavern, I visited it in both 2d and KR as always.


The bottom floor contains rooms for guests to rent out. Furnished with even the latest deco.

The 2nd floor, The Tavern Floor! With tables for groups, couples or singles it is well thought out!

The whole house, See how it merges in with the trees? Clever!


The bottom floor contains rooms for guests to rent out. Furnished with even the latest deco.

The 2nd floor, The Tavern Floor! With tables for groups, couples or singles it is well thought out!

The whole house, See how it merges in with the trees? Clever!

Final thoughts on the house? In KR the forest roof merges better with the forest trees, The tavern floor is also very deeply coloured and really had a feeling of 'wood'. The decorations are amazing and I love how even the latest items are found, Example being the UO Logo Icon on the bottom floor.

  • Kingdom Reborn can look forward to a new patch soon! The major new toy to play with!

    LEGACY ART!!!11one
  • Also this week, The Salvage Bag available on provisioners for 1k is a recycling system of some sort, Check out the Five on Friday here to find out more.

Events next week,

  • On Wednesday the 21st Nov we have the 178th edition of Leto's Europa Auction, 7pm UK Time, Gates provided at Britain Bank.
  • Also on Wednesday we have the 14th edition of Leto's new Europa Auction Lottery, The draw is at 8:30pm UK Time at the auction house after the auction. Tickets can be purchased from vendors, One of which is at the auction house. So buy one before the auction! You never know! Gates are provided for both auction and lottery at Britain Bank.

    Checkout for more details.

And now its Screenshot Saturday! If you want to have your screenshots here next week email them to [email protected] !

Luna Bank

New Haven 2D

New Haven KR

Guardsman Militia are recruiting! Visit their website by clicking here.

Thanks for reading another episode of SSS, Join us for the 7th SSS next week!