Europa - Super Stratics Saturday!

Super Stratics Saturday! - 7th Edition

  - Welcome

Welcome to the 7th Super Stratics Saturday! In today's snowy special we have...

- A 2d/KR walk around of the RAA Guild Shop!
- A peak at the new KR client features.
- And of course the normal, This weeks news, Next weeks events and Screenshot Saturday!



  - Mapper's Christmas Countdown




  - Establishment of the Week

This week I visited another oldie of a shop! Its 'RAA Guild Shop'. Located near Skara Brae it sells possibly everything you could need. Furniture crafted by 'Lord Ulysses' is a sure thing to find here! Not only are the vendors stocked frequently they are sold at a very acceptable price.

You can find a map of the shop top right of the article, Check below the screenshots for a Kingdom Reborn map.

I sadly could not find Lord Ulysses for an interview however if I do get the chance in the future I will bring it to you!

So, lets step into the shop!


The main floor of the shop, The stairs lead to a rune library on the 2nd floor.

The 2nd floor of RAA Guild Shop. Containing a fantastic rune library of treasure spots and more.

Out the front you will find a smaller plot called 'RAA Bodhouse'. Ill let you guess what these vendors sell.

Below is the Kingdom Reborn map of the shop, Slightly more useful than the radar map above!


I've chosen to shrink these to save the length of the article, Just click on a thumbnail above to view it.



  - Kingdom Reborn's Latest Features

I wanted to point out Kingdom Reborn's latest features as part of 'This weeks news'. The two I am on about, The Legacy Bag Art and Legacy Tile Art.

Both can be turned on and off in the Main Menu > User Settings > Graphics Tab (See below)

You may ask what both of these do, Well here you go, Legacy Container Art makes all the basic square menu containers look like a bag, chest or what ever you opened!

<< Click the image to view it full size.

Legacy Art turns the TILE ART 2d. All the models, interface and terrain are still Kingdom Reborn but the items, e.g. spellbook are from 2d.

Below are some screenshots taken with Legacy Art off and on.

Zento Bank - The left one is Legacy Art ON and the right Legacy Art OFF

<< Click the image to view it full size.

Mapper's Zento House - The left one is Legacy Art ON and the right Legacy Art OFF

<< Click the image to view it full size.



  - This Weeks News

Quite a busy news week this week, Lets see what we got!

  • Kingdom Reborn Patches ( and click the numbers to read the full list of features. The main features are the Legacy Art features but there are a HUGE number of fixes so be sure to patch up and check them out!
  • 2D Patch ( click the number to read the full list of features.
  • Kingdom Reborn Full screen Error & How to fix it - Click here to find out the details.


  - Next Weeks Events

Next week we have the usual events of Leto's Auction and Lottery, Check below for full details.

  • Leto's Auction, Wednesday 28th of November at 7pm, 179th Edition. Location at their website,
  • Leto's Lottery, Wednesday 28th of November, After the auction at 8:30pm, 15th Edition!. Check out their website for details, link above.


  - Screenshot Saturday

I haven't been able to find a screenshot to sum up this weeks edition of SSS so instead I'm going to post something some of you may like and use, or still stay clear of Kingdom Reborn.

KR's new LEGACY ART option.

And that's it for this weeks edition of SSS. To me it seems to be very long, But it isn't actually very full! I hope you enjoyed reading it, Join us next week, Saturday the 1st of December for the Christmas specials, The 8th SSS.