Europa - Super Stratics Saturday!

Super Stratics Saturday! - 8th Edition

  - Welcome

Welcome to the 8th Super Stratics Sunday! SUNDAY?! What happened? Well this is a December change only, All the SSS's will be on Sunday. It allows me to do a New Year's Eve post, Or Hogmany for us Scots! No other real reason. :P

- A 2d/KR walk around of the CD Vendor Mall, Just outside Umbra!
- A Magincia Battle Update
- This weeks news, Next weeks events and Screenshot Sunday!




  - Mapper's Christmas Countdown




  - Establishment of the Week

This weeks establishment is another 'Umbra Road' shop. You'll find it 4-5 houses from the Umbra West Bridge. What one could it be you wonder? Well its the white house on the map to the right! Still no idea? It's CD VENDOR MALL. And no, As far as I could look, They do not sell compact discs. It may however stand for Commodity Deed.

I'm not going to list what they sell as I really want you to check them out! Add them to your vendor runebook.




The shop floor, Or floors are easily accessible from the public road.


The shop floor in KR.

If you walk through the rune book shelf you come to a load more!



  - Magincia Battle Update

So what's going on in Magincia after this long? The Britannia News Network has a story up for read here.

"The battle for Magincia seems to have reached a stalemate. Most of the city is shattered, and looting has been regrettably prevalent, but the stalwart defenders of the city continue to push back the invading hordes."



Apon arriving at the docks the devastation is clear.

A full shot of the chaos.



  - This Weeks News

This weeks news is fairly depressing! Tissues 25gp each.



  - Next Weeks Events

Next week we have the usual events of Leto's Auction and Lottery, Check below for full details.

  • Leto's Auction, Wednesday 5th of December at 7pm, 180th Edition. Location at their website,
  • Leto's Lottery, Wednesday 5th of December, After the auction at 8:30pm, 16th Edition!. Check out their website for details, link above.


  - Screenshot Sunday

Magincia seriously needs your help!