Player Run Establishments

Mage Tower on the Pacific

Last visited by Zerver on Feb 14 99

Before it was forced to close just prior to Christmas 98, the Pacific Mage Tower was a very thriving and active group. I have not followed their activity during the closeure, but I am sure they continued Dungeon Crawls, and other activities.

The tower is now located far South of Trinsic, about 5 screens East of the Shrine of Honor. The tower was donated by a former UO player (Norrin Radd) who wanted it to be used constructively in the game. I don't think he could have made a much better choice, than to give it to the Mage Tower project.

I went on a crawl withthe PMT to the Ice Dungeon. Upon first entering, there were somewhere around 10 monsters just inside the door. After many experiments which resulted in death, they finally summoned about 8 deamons/elementals and friended them all to one person. Kharza then had them follow and guard him, then entered the dungeon. It was a very massive battle, but he and his deamons managed to kill pretty much all of the monsters and clear the path.

The rest of the evening was no less furious as mages summoned and killed non stop for quite some time. I thought about putting the photo of the PMT crowd with that many deamons summoned, but decided to leave that for them to display *grins*.