Status Legend:

0 : The player-based organ is non-existant.
There are no players in the area that play an active part of the government.

1 : The player-based organ is very uninfluential in the area.
There is at least one active player in the governmental organ, striving to further promote it.

2 : The player-based organ is not very influential in the area.
A contact person, mayor or leader has been chosen for the organ and his/her email address registered.

3 : The player-based organ is fairly influential in the area.
This requires that the organ has its own webpage devoted to it. The organ is known in the local area.

4 : The player-based organ is very influential in the area.
The organ must have completed at least one larger project (i.e created an institution of some kind or arranged some sort of major event or activity). The organ is known throughout all of Britannia.

5 : The player-based organ maintains control of and governs the area.
The government is widely known across the entire Shard for the events it arranges and the area profile it promotes. The governmental organ frequently arranges events and activities or quests and occasionally creates institutions for the benefit of the local area or the Shard as a whole. The governmental organ also has good diplomatic connections with all other existing governmental organs on the Shard and occasionally cooperate with them, both in-character and out-of-character, in the arranging of events.