THB Guild Info
Treasure Hunters of Britannia -- Guild Charter

Treasure Hunter's of Britannia Guild Charter
1. Mission Statement - Treasure Hunter's of Britannia (THB) is made up only of treasure hunters and our main focus is to promote treasure hunting. THB stands for Honesty and Integrity, we strive for the best and only the best. We strive to be the most knowledgeable about all skills and information regarding treasure hunting. THB will offer its services to the community and will act in an honest and honorable fashion at all times. We are a faction neutral guild and do not take a stance for or against PVP. We only ask that while wearing the THB tag, you do not engage in PVP unless attacked first.

2. Guild Creation - We ask that anyone wishing to create a chapter of the THB on their shard, submit an application form before creating it. Once approved, we would like it to be Treasure Hunter's of Britannia (THB) yet we know that the name and tag might be taken by an old non-active guild on your shard. Please try and create your guild with a name tag as close as possible to Treasure Hunter's of Britannia (THB).

3. Joining THB - Only treasure hunters are allowed to join THB so you must have at least cartography and lock picking in your template to be invited into the guild.

4. Ranks and Duties - We will leave the ranks and duties up to the GM of each chapter. Please make sure that all guild titles are professional and acceptable as to not embarrass yourself and the THB. The main ranks are pre-set by UO, you can still devise your own rank system and include the rank in the guild title of each member.

5. PVP and PK - We take no stance on either, only ask that if you are showing the THB tag, that you refrain from PvP and PK, unless attacked first. We discourage revenge attacks by guild members and the guild as a whole. Should you desire to avenge yourself or a guildmate, please refrain from doing so unless it is done on alts.

6. Funding - It is up to each guild to finance their own operations. It is recommended for each guild to start a guild fund to use for prizes for events and to help new treasure hunters.

7. New Treasure Hunters - It is up to each guild to assist new treasure hunters with knowledge and possibly gear and supplies. While you are not obligated to outfit guild members, it is strongly recommended as a poorly equipped guild member represents a weak link. The easiest way to do this is for guild members to save decent loot from dug up from treasure maps and donate them to the guild. It won't cost the guild anything to outfit new members and will benefit the new member and the guild.

8. All guild chapters must have a guild house. It is up to the GM to supply the house and make it accessible to all members. We strongly suggest adding treasure map rune libraries for both trammel and felucca and also lock pick boxes for members to use when working lock picking.

9. Participation - In order to get the most out of being a member of THB, you need to participate in guild events. In order for the guild to be a guild for people to join, it needs to be an active guild. The guild should have events such as sponsored treasure hunts and advertising its public treasure map rune libraries and lock pick training boxes. The guild should also try and have bi-weekly or monthly guild meetings to discuss events and ways to grow the guild and help the shard community.

10. Communication - Communication is vital, it is strongly recommended for guild members to use programs like ICQ and Vent.

11. Respect - When wearing the THB tag, you not only represent your THB guild on the shard you play, but also the entire THB on all shards. Please be respectful to other players and treat them as you would like to be treated.

12. Violations - When conducting events or treasure hunts for hire, all THB members must conduct themselves in an honest and friendly fashion. THB members will honor the deal that they make with guilds and players. If contracted to merely dig up and open the chest, than that is all you are to do. Do not hold out for more gold then agreed upon or take a map and keep it. If doing a level 6 ingenious map, leave the artifact for the owner of the map unless otherwise agreed upon. You represent your shard THB guild as well as all other THB members. Violations can lead up to removal from your shard THB guild.

13. Disciplinary Action - THB will not have any way to actively discipline anyone in a THB guild; it will be up to each THB guild to enforce the rules and take disciplinary action when needed. Should a guild in the THB fail to do so, they will be removed from the list of official THB guilds and another player can apply to start a THB guild on the shard.

14.  Interaction with other guilds - This will be up to the GM to work out. Alliances and events with multiple guilds can be made as long as they coincide with the THB Guild Charter.

15. Third party programs - THB neither condone nor endorse the use of third party programs.