UO Automap - Atlas
Explanation of the UOAM Atlas, by Magellan

A while ago I realized that very few of the landmarks in UO actually had names. When I realized this, I thought, who better than cartographers to give names to everything? Thus, I set out to create an atlas of Britannia and the Lost Lands.

I did take quite a few artistic liberties, since so little information is available. Where there was a name from a previous Ultima game, I used it...but other than that, I had to use what I could come up with. So, I'm going to give an explanation of everything I think could use it.

Any suggestions to make this better? Do you have another name for something and want to suggest it? Is there somewhere I forgot to name? If so, drop me an email at [email protected].

For now, this is just an overland map. If I get enough requests, I suppose I could work on an update to include the dungeons and various points of interest in there, but not yet.

Many thanks to all those on the Stratics Cartography Forum who responded to my post and helped me out...and of course to Blackheath, for everything he's done to help.

This atlas is currently available through UOAutoMap's AutoUpdater program, to get the atlas, download UOAutoMap, located here.



  • "Official name" means I found it in a source about previous Ultima games or in a reference about UO.
  • In the case of many T2A locations, they were already named. I'm an explorer, not a linguist...I'm not exactly sure what any of the names mean, so I copied them as they were told to me. I can make neither heads nor tails of them, but perhaps someone out there can. I'm sure figuring out what "Teb" means would be a good start, because that seems to be a prevalent word.

Bodies of Water

  • Arrow's Point Bay - Looks like an arrowhead, in my opinion...so I went with it.
  • Beggar's Gorge - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Brittany Bay - Official name.
  • Cibilo River - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • The Gentle River - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Hart Lake - Artistic liberty **wink**
  • J'Fer Sek - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Loch Lake - Official name.
  • Lost Hope Bay - Official name.
  • Oasis - Well, it's a lake in the middle of a desert...what else could I call it?
  • The Ru - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Salt Lake - Official name.
  • Sea of Harmony - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Shallow Sea - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Sok'Goh - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Tortiose Lagoon - Official name on the paper T2A map.


  • Amoeba Island - Looks like one.
  • Bald Island - The beach makes it look like a bald head.
  • Barrier Isle - Official name.
  • Blanche Island - Suggested on Stratics Carto Forum.
  • Dagger Isle - Official name.
  • Dot Island - Really really tiny.
  • Dragon Isle - South of Destard, the dungeon of dragons...
  • Eiffel Island - Looks like the tower.
  • Horseshoe Island - Looks like one.
  • Isle of the Avatar - Official name.
  • Isle of Deeds - Official name.
  • Iver's Rounding - Official name.
  • Marble Island - Marble buildings on the island.
  • North Jhelom Island
  • Ocarina Isle - Looks like one.
  • Paladin Isle - Official name.
  • Skull Island - Lots of skulls here from dead treasure hunters.
  • South Jhelom Island
  • Temple Island - Has a temple on it.
  • Valor Island - Shrine of Valor.
  • Valorian Isles - Official name.
  • Verity Isle - Official name.


  • Bridge of the Two Kings - Two statues here of royal-looking gentlemen...could be ancient kings. Maybe they signed a treaty here or something...who knows?
  • Brigand Camp
  • Britain/Yew/Skara Brae Crossroads
  • Cemetaries
  • Chessboard - Life-sized chessboard at Nu'Jelm.
  • Cyclops Valley - Lost Lands, spawn point for Cyclopes and Titans.
  • Empath Abbey
  • Fens of the Dead - Official name.
  • Fire Temple - aka Daemon Temple, Daemon Altar.
  • Flower Grove
  • Guard Outposts
  • Gypsy Camp
  • Haunted Ruins - Lost Lands, spawn point for undead stuff.
  • Hedge Maze
  • Hidden Cave? - If you click on the ground near the mound, you can see "cave wall"...is this a cave we haven't discovered yet? Only time will tell.
  • Hidden Valley - Nestled inside a mountain outside Trinsic, the entrance can be found by walking down the east side of the mountain near the north point.
  • Lava Pool - A pool of lava on Avatar Isle.
  • Lighthouse
  • Lizardman Fort
  • Lycaeum - The "College" of Moonglow.
  • Moonglow Zoo
  • Orc Forts
  • Palm Grove - A grove of palm trees.
  • Ranger Huts
  • Rock Ridge - A ridge of rock on Avatar Isle.
  • Ruins - Various ruins of houses.
  • Telescope - Large telescope on Verity Isle.
  • Trapper's Huts - In Windemere Wood.
  • Waterfalls
  • Wind Entrance
  • Wind Park
  • Wyvern Isle - Lost Lands spawn point of Wyverns.
  • Wyvern Point - Lost Lands spawn point of Wyverns.
  • Yew Courtroom
  • Yew Crypts
  • Yew Prison


  • Bog of Desolation - Official name.
  • Bloody Plains - Official name.
  • Candelabra Point - Looks like one.
  • Cape of Heroes - Official name. I think this is the right place...all I had to go on was a description of where it was. If I'm wrong, email me here to correct me.
  • Codex Mountain - Where the Codex was once kept.
  • Crescent Mountain - Shaped like one.
  • Crimson Plains - Official name.
  • Damwin Thicket - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Deep Forest - Official name.
  • Desert of Compassion - Location of the Shrine.
  • Dragonhame Mountain - Destard is located in here.
  • Forest of Samlethe - Official name.
  • Frozen Mountains - Well, they're on a snowy island...
  • Grove of Love - Shaped like a heart.
  • High Steppes - In one of the older Ultimas, there was something in the area called the High Steppes, and it worked well enough here.
  • Hopper's Bog - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Ice Mountain - Contains an entrance to the Ice Dungeon.
  • Kas Heb - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Mount Kendall - That's what it's called on Great Lakes, is it named differently on other shards?
  • Mountains of Avarice - Location of Covetous, and Avarice is another word for that.
  • Northpeak - More northern of the two mountains (see Southpeak).
  • Peaks of Disgrace - Location of the dungeon Shame.
  • Prison Peak - The dungeon Wrong was originally designed as a prison. Also, it's enclosed...it looks like a jail.
  • Reb'Gab Haras - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Sak Teb - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Serpent's Cousin Mountains - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Serpent's Spine Mountains - Official name.
  • Snake's Pass - It's a pass in the Serpent's Spine Mountains.
  • Solitary Mountain - It's all alone up there.
  • Southern Jungle - It's a jungle in the south.
  • Southpeak - The more southern of the two mountains (see Northpeak).
  • Spiritwood - Official name.
  • Terra Sanctum - Official name on the paper T2A map.
  • Valley of Chaos - Location of the Shrine.
  • Windemere Wood - A castle in the area in a previous Ultima was named Windemere.
  • Y'Nah Teb - Official name on the paper T2A map.