Treasure Hunters of Britannia
Skills Needed for Treasure Hunting - By Level
Chest Level Cartography* Lockpicking* Detect Hidden* Remove Traps*
1 Approx. 30 36 or Magic Unlock (50 Magery) none ?? or Telekinesis
2 71 76 or Magic Unlock (must be GM Mage) none ?? or Telekinesis
3 81 84 none ?? or Telekinesis
4 91 92 none ?? or Telekinesis
5 100 100 none ?? or Telekinesis

* Modified skill

NOTE: On a level 5 map, some Detect Hidden skill seems to help as a passive check, but it is possible to open the chest with GM lockpicking and no detect (if you don't mind breaking a few picks, that is).

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NOTE: This Page is Obsolete and has been replaced by Treasure Chest Info.