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All pictures contained herein have been taken directly from UO and have not been altered in any way. Some pictures may deal with adult content, so anyone with Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Pregnant Women, etc. should be cautious in viewing them. Well, they're as graphic as UO can make them, but the game IS rated as having adult content, so I guess they could disturb someone. Basically, don't sue me or Stratics. The pictures are not copywrited, but credit should be given to the individual who took the photo. If you use any of these screenshots on other webpages, please give credit to the photographer.

Special thanks to Justin Reeves for coming up with the name for this page.


The Archive Pictures

Mad Cow diease comes to Britannia.

-Photographer: TrinityX

After sailing for 40 days and 40 nights Kevin Costner finally found LAND!

-Photographer: Unknown (too many of the same types of pictures to count!)

When vendors need to 'get away' from it all.

-Photographer: Kylie Nightangel

A very confused guard.

-Photographer: Scott Singer

I think we can safely submit this one to the Overkill Department.

-Photographer: Floppy, Great Lakes

Seems like the GMs locked down the wrong parts of this house.

-Photographer: Trent (Ches)

I've heard of training skills on trapped monsters, but this is ridiculous.

-Photographer: Overshadow II (Napa)

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, the Wicked Witch... (If you don't understand this, you must've had a very unfulfilling childhood.)

-Photographer: Toaster (LS)

The Unibomber strikes Britannia.

-Photographer: Psychip

Who says's there's not enough room to place a house?

-Photographer: Delphi


-Photographer: Holy Shadow (Ches)

The first explorer to reach the top of Mount Britannia!

-Photographer: Sark Wotz'lynn

Um, isn't it Designer Dragon?

-Photographer: Cecily (Atlantic)

You wonder where the GMs go in their off hours?

-Photographer: Vlad

A new event for the UO Olympics... 'Synchronized Spawning.'

-Photographer: Geoff Hansen

From the Understatement of the Year Department

-Photographer: Cerpicio (Baja): Summoner of Ham, Destroyer of Small Rodents

Perhaps OSI should work on creature AI a bit more...

-Photographer: Cerpicio (Baja): Summoner of Ham, Destroyer of Small Rodents

You know there's something wrong with the Britannian economy when this starts happening...

-Photographer: Cerpicio (Baja): Summoner of Ham, Destroyer of Small Rodents

The real question is... exactly who's brain is it?

-Photographer: Cerpicio (Baja): Summoner of Ham, Destroyer of Small Rodents

Chess opponents for the very stupid.

-Photographer: Venture (Catskills)

Looks like they're finally going to put a bridge to Moonglow.

-Photographer: Sanders

The Orkin Man has competition

-Photographer: Gholam

From the Understatement of the Week Department

-Photographer: Nok (Chesapeake)

The sequal to "Pigs in Space!"

-Photographer: The Fair Tail (Catskills)

Mom! Look what followed me home!

-Photographer: Andry (Great Lakes)

The dangers of Cow Tipping without your glasses on...

-Photographer: Bj Mackow

Here we see some... uhh... 'Happy Girls'

-Photographer: Melkor

And here we see contestant #1 for 'The Most Annoying Place to put a Drake.'

-Photographer: Bartholomew (Great Lakes)

Here we see one of UO's less intelligent folk. Let's hear it for Darwinism.

-Photographer: Douglas Walsh

Right next to the monkey with two asses...

-Photographer: Gunther

An actual photo of death by Lag.

-Photographer: Gunther

Seems normal enough, until you think... How exactly DO you look at a vendor's paperdoll?

-Photographer: Gunther

Buy our armor... or else...

-Photographer: WildWill

Whoa boys! Keep it clean...

-Photographer: Matt Brown

Not the most intelligent place to ressurect.

-Photographer: Daemon Alcohol (Catskills)

Always Coca-Cola!

-Photographer: Seren of Writ

By far the most insane monster spawn that has ever occurred in UO or ever will. This photograph was taken (by a GM I think) at the very end of Beta. Just be glad you weren't there.

-Photographer: Unknown

Talk about home security...

-Photographer: Ryan GoB (Lake Superior)

Erm, umm... Here we see... well... how animals "spawn".

-Photographer: Gordn/Gwendl (Catskills)

The results of one of the Fred v Bob wars.

-Photographer: Unknown

A bored mage tries to impress me (and does).

-Photographer: Keith Lea

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