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Roberto the Reaver
Any fisherman could tell you that the seas are bountiful. In this week's Spotlight, Roberto lands quite the catch, but not the type that has fins or a tail.

"Aye, 'tis the life of a pirate for me!'
"It all began nearly a week ago, when I was just a humble fisherman. I went to the Moonglow docks to catch a couple of fish to sell at the markets, and to practice my fishing techniques. After about half an hour of fishing, I got bored and began to roam the docks, looking for a better fishing spot. As I came to the end of one of the piers, I was surprised to find a ship with unlocked gangplanks.

"I quickly changed into a more suitable outfit, boarded the unnamed vessel, and sailed out of Moonglow harbor onto the wide, blue ocean. I was shocked to find myself suddenly confronted by some denizens of the deep. A few water elementals and a ferocious sea serpent had targeted my recently acquired ship. Determined not to have my adventure cut short, I shouted a brace of commands to the helm. With the narrowest of margins, I managed to slip out from their grasp and sail off unharmed.
"Now on the open ocean, I chose to begin by sailing up the coast of Dagger Isle. Despite a number of ships lying seemingly vulnerable at anchor, I found them all either firmly locked up or with empty holds. Hoping my fortune might lie elsewhere, I sailed away from the frigid isle on a course to the town of Nujel'm.
"Almost two-thirds of the way to Nujel'm, I suddenly spied a sail on the horizon. Setting a course towards it, I was soon able to pull up alongside a rather large vessel named 'The Backwards'. Imagine my glee when upon boarding, I found in its hold a treasure haul fit for a king. Gold, gems, magical items, and priceless artifacts lie piled in the ship's hold. Rather than transfer it all to my smaller vessel, I simply commandeered the merchantman and let the smaller one drift back to Moonglow. Now in command of a much larger ship laden with treasure, I laughed at my good fortune and plotted a course for the isle of Buccaneers Den to sort out my haul.
"And so ends the beginning of the tale of 'Roberto the Reaver'.
"As an addendum to my tale, I wish to point out that while more often than not you will not find what I found on my first voyage, when you do find that elusive ship laden with the treasure of a whole party of adventurers, it more than makes up for the sailing that has been done."
Roberto, of the Oceania Shard
Join us next week, as we Spotlight a story about incredible odds. Keep an eye out for future spotlight topics, as we look forward to hearing more of your tales of excitement and adventure in the world of Britannia!

Published: August 2001
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