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Jhelom Dueling Pit Reopens!
Greetings friends! I bring thee this day a full report on the glorious battle that took place at the Jhelom Dueling Pit in Felucca. I spoke briefly with the man in charge, Referee Vincent I believe was what he called himself. 

Apparently Vincent is attempting to hold weekly duels at the Pit, and, from what I saw this night, nothing but excellence is bound to come in the future. Thirty-two brave men and women from around our land took upon the challenge. Great battles were waged, and many a warrior did fall, leaving only four valiant souls in the final round. Listed here are the four finalists, in order of their final placement : 

Champion : Cecil 
Second Place : Sors Amalis 
Third Place : King Leoric 
Fourth Place : Captain Noto 

At the end of the night only one warrior could rise, victorious, above the rest. In the end the mighty Cecil was awarded the sash for first place, and, at least until the next Duel Night, he shall reign as the undefeated champion. Congratulations to all the brave warriors who participated, thine courage is outstanding! 

If you wish to participate or be a spectator at an upcoming Duel Night, watch for the town criers, around the realm! 

Published: April 2001
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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