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End to Ogre-Troll Conflict?
The conflict between the Trolls of Wrong and the Ogre Clan who took over the abandonned fort north of the desert seems to have reached a conclusion a few days ago; ending on a draw. The troll warboss has indeed been defeated a mere two weeks after the death of Boduk, leader of the ogre clan. The death of both leaders seems to have had a great impact on the activities of the monsters and the area apparently returned to its previous state. The Ogre fort is now abandoned and trolls have not been seen leaving the dungeon in the last few days.

This conflict started approximately two months ago, when the ogres left the dungeon Wrong to settle down and start a new clan in the abandoned desert fort. This exact same day, a relic belonging to the trolls, was stolen. The trolls immediately accused the ogres and vowed revenge for this act. The situation between the two clans quickly degenerated to war as the attempted negotiations ended when troll heads were shown as trophies inside the ogre fort.

Unfortunately, the conflict didn't limit itself to the monsters and the whole area around Wrong became a giant battlefield. Countless raids were made by both factions. The trolls showed an unparelleled agressivness while the ogres appeared more calm. The residents of the towns and villages of the area were drawn into a war they did not want and some found themselves forced into chosing a side. After the death of the Ogre Lord Boduk, many feared to see the towns of the area turn against each other rather than allying against a common enemy. However, in a bit less than two weeks, the troll warboss was also killed and no unusual troll activity has been reported outside of the dungeon since.

The whereabouts of the troll relic are still not clear to this date. The information gathered from a ranger who was prisoner in the dungeon and from investigations in the swamps revealed that a group of lizardmen could be behind the theft. The bones from the relic are supposedly lost, but the axe that was part of it hasn't been located yet. 

Why would lizardmen want to take an axe from a troll relic? And is that theft related to the other attacks made by lizardmen in various places over Britannia? While the area of Wrong is quiet again, many questions remain unanswered... 

Published: March 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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