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Al'Cedra's Challenge - On the Trail of the Je
Well, dear readers, the challenge on April 1st is going to be very different this time! I have this right from the dragon’s mouth! All those who capture a jester on that night, will be admitted into the lair upon the 1st of April. I am not exactly sure how to capture one of the tricky little fellows, said to be a lot like leprechauns, but without the gold. I do know that killing them is probably not a good idea. Those dragons are quite nasty when they get angry, as I remember back to the very first night in Al’Cedra’s Lair. 

Clues, clues, clues! Yes, dear reader, that is what you must gather! It will not be easy, mind you. Those smart dragons are trickier than any human rogue. On the 29th of March, you will find clues with the Masters of the Word. Each master will have one small clue that will aid you somehow in your search for the jesters. You can begin your search at 9 p.m. GMT on that day. Al’Cedra has said that your search will begin at the signs of the animals throughout the towns of Britannia. I looked for signs and found plenty of horse hoof prints, and other rather substantial spoor, but I do not think that is exactly what she meant. 

For new readers, the Trammel Dragon appears once a month upon the first, and poses riddles to all citizens of Britannia who have proved themselves worthy through prior tests and trials. This month the trials will focus on combat and battle skills. Teams MUST register in advance for the event. 

Published: March 2001
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