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Philanthropist to Graciously Build Fairground
In a most gracious offer, Andrew Jollier of Magincia has offered to build a fairground for the people of Sosaria. Andrew Jollier, a quiet man and until now relatively unknown, has come into an inheritance that he wishes to use to better the lives of the people of Sosaria. When I spoke to him about why he was offering up the funds for the construction he had this to say. “With the recent turmoil, I felt it would do the people good to have a common gathering place in the tranquility of the woods. It would be a place where grand fairs and festivals could be held, where all would be welcome to attend. I have little need of this gold which was bequeathed to me, so I felt this was a good way to spend it all.” 

The groundbreaking ceremony is set for next week and construction of the facilities will begin thereafter. The site is due to be completed within the month and the first Faire will be held as soon as construction is complete. Mister Jollier will be present to open the Fairgrounds. A fountain dedicated to Mister Jollier is expected to be part of the fairgrounds. 

Published: November 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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