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Pacific Slyfeind's First Adventure
When Ultima Online was first released two years ago, there were three shards. These Elder Shards were the homes for many of Ultima Online's first travelers. To celebrate these Elder Shards, we bring you the tale of Slyfeind and his first adventure on the Pacific Shard.

 "I began in the city of Trinsic. I have always been a skilled fencer and I found myself carrying a spear. I decided to trade it in for a fine blade or maybe a strong bow. I failed to find the blacksmith, however. I asked everybody in town, from the butcher to the baker to the candlestick maker. They all directed me southeast, yet I still could not find the blacksmith.
"Finally, I found another adventurer by the name of Sir Sword, an accomplished smith himself and evidently friend to all gorillas, as they seemed to follow Sir Sword everywhere. I asked him directions and he said, 'Follow me.'

"He led me as far as the stables, then gave me directions from there. I thanked him, and promptly got lost again.

"About this time, a few travelers ran through the streets, shouting 'Pkers at the gate!' Both were bereft of equipment. I offered one my cloak, from one poor soul to another.

"I kept scouring the city for the smith, when the buildings thinned out to reveal trees and shrubs. Suddenly, I was at the dreaded gate, surrounded by warriors in full battle gear.

"One of them was Sir Sword.

"I looked around, and saw one to be a Great Lord. And another. And another! I realized quickly that I was surrounded by the noblest paladins in Britannia. What I witnessed that night was the coming together of greatness, the warriors for good uniting against a common foe.

"One warrior had an excess of orc helms, and was trying to sell them. I told him I had no gold and he gave me one for free. A couple others, named Union Jack and Tmee were just leaving the city. I caught up to them at the gate. I asked them if I could travel with them and they said 'Sure.' I jokingly asked them not to lead me into a trap, but in the wilderness of Britannia, who can say what lurks around every corner?

"The seller of orc helmets followed us close behind, Dead was his name. He broke off for the woods, and said, 'Follow me.'

'Why?' asked Union Jack.

'I'll take you to where there are monsters,' Dead answered.

"I was hesitant. He was leading us into the woods and he was much stronger than the three of us. But he had just helped us out, and I realized that life is too short anyway. Why not?

"And so we went, the four of us, a newly forged fellowship, a guild all our own. I wondered what evil lurked nearby. I practiced my hiding skill as much as I could, when suddenly, Dead lay flat on the ground, nowhere to be seen! He was much stealthier than I was. I could tell it would take lots of practice to vanish in plain sight like that. I gave my spare knife to Tmee, as I knew we'd all have to be armed. No sooner had I done that than I heard the roar of a panther!

"I raced ahead and found Dead and Union Jack already in combat. I readied my spear, thrust as best as I could, just as Tmee reached the fray. It was furious, it was fast, but in the end, it was over and the panther lay dead!

"Tmee and Jack both took their share of furs and meat, but I just stood there, stunned into silence. I was sure I would die, but there I was, sharing in the victory of my new friends.

"Finally, my friends said farewell and were gone. Still in a daze, I could not find where they went. I realized to be caught alone in the woods would be death itself, so I retreated back to Trinsic after taking what was left of the panther's remains.

"Or rather, where I thought Trinsic would be. My walk quickly became a run, as my fear made me see murderers, thieves, and scoundrels behind every tree. My breath became heavy, my stride grew wide, and my heart beat faster as I realized the inevitable.

"I was lost!

"Suddenly, a wall broke through the foliage, the sandy yellow brick of Trinsic! I reached the city gates, still patrolled by the noble warriors and paladins, and entered to sell the goods I had acquired on my first adventure in Britannia. The furrier paid decently for the pelt, but the butcher had too much meat to be interested in what I had. I decided to give the meat to the butcher anyway. One good deed deserves another.

"As I was walking down the street to find an inn, someone dropped a pile of gold.

'You dropped something.' I told him.

'It's a gift,' he said, and was gone before I had a chance to thank him. Such kindness in Trinsic!

"Finally, I found an inn. Weary from the day's adventure and substantially richer, I found a vacant room. I removed my helmet and blood stained clothing and lay my head on the soft pillow. I would dream that night and relive my grand adventure again and again.

"I know that there will be many more quests for me in the future, but none so grand as this one. Thank you, Sir Sword, Dead, Union Jack and Tmee. Thank you, stranger who gave me gold without knowing my name, and thank you brave warriors of virtue who protected the city gates from evil. I know my travels in Britannia will be difficult at times, but this gives me grand hope for what the future will bring.

-Slyfeind of Pacific

Slyfeind certainly had an interesting adventure his first time on the Pacific Shard as did so many of the other early Ultima Online adventurers. The players of these first shards helped define UO and their legacy lives on in all 17 of Ultima Online's current shards.

As we continue to celebrate Ultima Online's two-year anniversary, we will bring you tales from players each week during the month of September. Be sure to check out FYI for future spotlight topics.

Published: October 2000
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