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Orc Ambush On The Road To Britain
I was walking along the road one day, when I happened across a strange sight. Strewn about the road were what appeared to be strange bits and pieces of clothing. Being the curious type that I am, I decided to investigate. I had walked only a little further up the road when, to my surprise, I spied a small army of those horrible little creatures that most have labeled Orcs. Now I am usually not one to put myself into danger, but the few brave adventurers currently battling the foul creatures were clearly outnumbered. 

Frightened to death, I ran the rest of the way to Britain to see if I could find someone to help these poor warriors. When I arrived in Britain I found that the Town crier was already warned of this attack and was calling for assistance from the brave adventurers around the bank. 

Knowing that it would not be long before those warriors were overtaken, I rushed back to see if I could possibly help. Now of course I am no warrior, but in my years I have learned a little on how to protect myself. When I returned, I saw, to my relief, that more adventurers had come to help the few that I had seen before. Breathing a quick sigh of relief, I quickly hid myself behind some trees to make note of the battle’s outcome. I was no sooner feeling sure that I had hid myself quite well, when I felt a woosh of air go past my face. Looking up, I saw a monster of incredible size, which could only have been an Ettin, swing his mighty rock hammer, barely missing my cowering head. 

Fearing my life was about to be abruptly ended, I began to run – but, to my chagrin, I tripped over one of the already slain beasts. Trying to scramble to my feet, I was beginning to loose all hope, when the next thing I heard was the clash of metal against thick skin. A warrior dressed all in black armor had come to save me. Oh how I could have jumped for joy when that warrior rescued me from what was to be certain death. I decided that this reporter had had enough adventure in a single day to last a lifetime. 

So I ran from the scene as fast as my feet could carry me, back to Britain where the guards would protect me from such vile beasts. And now as I sit down to write this tale, I begin to ponder over some questions. Was this band of creatures just passing by? Have we seen the last of them? Could it be possible this attack was planned? These are only a few of the questions I find myself asking. But, until it happens again… let us pray that the roads are once again safe to travel thanks to the many adventurers willing to give their own lives to save others. 

Published: August 2000
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