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Can Orwen's Orb defeat the Emerald Enchantres
Jurri the Rogue recently revealed that the Emerald Enchantress told her minions she has a secret weakness-Orwen's Orb. The Enchantress instructed her minions to find the Orb, so it can not be used against her. 

Long ago a mage named Orwen was defeated by Ponthor, a rival mage. Orwen vowed to overcome his foe, so with his powerful magic, Orwen crafted a mystical Orb. When Orwen placed the Orb in front of his rival, the power of the Orb froze the the other mage so he could not move. When Orwen chanted the incantation to activate the Orb, the Orb drained all the magical power from the mage Ponthor, and he became powerless. Orwen continued to use his orb to defeat any other mage who opposed him and thus became one of the most powerful mages in the realm. After 350 years, Orwen died the final death and passed on to the beyond. Nobody knows what happened to Orwen's Orb. 

Gypsy Doria Romanov is doing her best to find the orb before the Enchantress does. While it is not known for certain that the Orb can defeat the Enchantress, Doria is willing to try anything that might stop the evil sorceress who kidnapped her husband.

If you want to help Doria search for Orwen's Orb, come to Doria's tent in Skara Brae at 7 PM (Pacific time) on Tuesday, July 25. Her tent is located just northwest of the Skara Brae bank. 

-- Stav Korwell

Published: July 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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