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Circe and the Valorite Elemental
In this week’s Spotlight, Circe must confront a deadly foe in order to save her beloved sister. Will she triumph over adversity, or perish beneath the cold, iron claws of death?
The enchantress, Circe, and her loyal mare, Tigger, faced a frozen blast of winter air. They had come in search of Willow, Circe’s beloved sister. Willow had won an axe of virtue and had been eager to wield it against the evil creatures that dwelled within the frozen reaches of Ice Island, for it was an axe of “Summer Wind,” and with it in her grasp she could defeat even the most powerful of the evil ice denizens. 

Circe had felt the tingle of fear when Willow had not returned as expected, so she summoned Tigger and together they had set forth to find her. Gray clouds bellowed wind like a White Wyrm’s screams, and the frigid air bit into Circe’s flesh like Frost Troll fangs. She had just cast “Bless” on Tigger and her mana was low when a faint cry found its way through the roaring windstorm. Sensing his mistress’ desire, Tigger broke into a gallop and they hurtled into a gale of uncertainty. Soon the cries for help became clear. A small group of Ice inhabitants were confronting the feared Valorite Elemental, a creature unlike most in that its composition is entirely metal ore - a hulking mindless monster bent on destruction and annihilation. In the snow at its feet lay the beloved Willow! Circe bit her lip as she leapt from Tigger’s back and bade him to attack. She knew that Tigger would be no match for the Valorite even with her help, so she opened a gate to the stables of Hades where Minion, her mighty dragon, was kept. She called his name and the huge beast appeared from the blue moongate. 

Tigger was wounded and had expended most of his mana when Circe set Minion upon the Elemental, so she called to him and healed her friend as she dragged Willow’s limp form to safety. Having bid Tigger to guard Willow; Circe turned her attention to the battle; she knew well that without her aid, even great Minion could fall before the Valorite Elemental. 

Fortunately, there was no fear in Minion, for the awesome foe that he faced was without heart or soul! Circe focused her incredible mind and Minion responded by circling the Valorite. He blasted the towering pillar with fireball breath, weakening the mountain of moving metal. Circe sensed the moment was right. Minion responded by charging the metallic monster and raking it with his terrible talons. Flashes of powder-blue sparks escaped as dragon claws rent rock. Circe stood between the dragon’s massive legs and healed him as the war of titans raged on. With a surprising suddenness, the Elemental fell! 

Circe was stunned by the ease of her victory. With her heart still racing, she turned to find Willow snuggled against Tigger for warmth. With great relief, they embraced one another as Tigger nickered his pleasure. Minion gave a victory cry, shooting flames into the air above him, while the body of the Valorite sank into the snow.

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Published: March 2002
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