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The City of Grimoire
The world of Britannia is home to adventurers from all walks of life; from brave paladin, to powerful mage, to the honest craftsman plying his wares. Some of the land’s populace choose, however, to follow a different path - that of the thief, the brigand, the assassin. Our spotlight today focuses on the player-run city of Grimoire, a town built as sanctuary for those who travel the darker roads of Britannia.

Herein lies the Original Grimoire Charter:

”The Village of Grimoire was established with the purpose of righting a grave wrong and aiding that most downtrodden of all the peoples of Britannia.
”The murderer, the thief, the burglar, indeed all independent and freedom loving folk of this land are shunned, nay, hunted, by the so-called righteous masses.

”This underdog minority has suffered too long under the heels of cruel guards, tyrannical leaders and a vicious populace all bent on stamping out freedom, initiative and free enterprise. These folk require a civilized setting in which to interact, a place to do business and feel welcome, and a home.

”Therefore, be it known this day that the Village of Grimoire is hereby established to ensure that justice, freedom and self-employment survive, indeed, prosper!”

And thus continues the tale of Grimoire:

’The Village of Grimoire was established in June 1999 by the Dread Lady Aravae. The Village was handed down from a guildmate named Sir Monolith. Aravae is well known in the Murderer community and decided that the less fortunate and dastardly folks needed a place they could call their own.
’The village opened with a long tradition of events on Friday evenings. Dread Lord Grendal ran the events and Aravae was the Mayor. The Pink Tu-Tu club was the main tavern and doubled as the arena for the Village. Folks such as Malachi and Huggin staffed the tavern nightly, and the infamous Dread Lord Bob McKenzie of KoT (Knights of Terror) handled security.

’There came a time that the Temple of Skassaxx was gifted to the village from Aravae. Mayor Grimtooth and his evil guild were assisted by Aravae on the events and KoT continued to act as security for the village. Lady Seer Aria blessed the city with a Stable Master during Grimtooth’s time in office. Grimtooth and his guild mates were very well known to the other player-run cities on the shard and feared by many. Temple of Skassaxx's goal was to rejoin all of the shard fragments by performing the Ritual of Binding. It is not known exactly what happened to the evil priests of the temple, but when they left the village, Grimoire's doors were closed for the first time.

’The village was reopened with the coming of the new Mayor Huggin. The Disreputable Lady Huggin ran the village as both Mayor Event Coordinator. The village continued as a place for all to come, with weekly events, and the Tavern staffed nightly. Serving as both Mayor and Event Coordinator can be a daunting task, and it was eventually too much for Mayor Huggin. She stepped down as Mayor of the city and Grimoire's doors were once again closed.

’In October 1999, Aravae passed on the village once again, this time to a once powerful Dread Lord clan from the days of old. Cardinal Kryx, Cardinal Xerxov, and Cardinal Bigles founded SI, or Spanish Inquisition in December 1997. Cardinal Fear, who now leads the guild, was the fourth member and founder of the evil priests known to most as The Cardinals.

’The Original Cardinals have long since disbanded, but the few newer members that remain, along with some of the previous residence of Grimoire, continue the long standing tradition and charter of the once booming village. The tavern’s name has been changed to the Grande Grimoire Tavern and Cardinal Fear is currently the Mayor. The previous Mayor Huggin is now the Event Coordinator and Craggan handles village and event security. Grimoire has several volunteers that handle security for Spanish Inquisition events, and for folks from other worlds as well. Grimoire is blessed with folks not only from our lands, but rumors have been told that many travel through time and space to help with the events. Some claim there are other almost identical realms that exist like our own. The Grimoire townspeople suspect that there must be variations on the Ritual of Binding spell that brings these people here from lands with names like Siege Perilous, Catskills, Pacific, and Baja. We don't know if the rumors are true or not, but Grimoire is glad to have the support and help from all of these kind folks. Some of the volunteer staff members from other realms include Kelly Kindred, Arch Bishop Horshack, Yyrkoon, and The Gootch.

’The Village of Grimoire is still quite the hot spot on Friday evenings during the main tournament, and hosts a PvP training class on Thursdays. We have started to work more closely with the Companions to help promote training for upcoming fighters in our lands. The village, with the guidance of Huggin, also hosted a Newbie Item Drive in December. Grimoire makes no money from its events. The people who come and help with the events do so of their own free will. The combat event prizes are either paid by donations, or the entry fees are given back to the top three winners of the event. The village is still in the rebuilding phase from when it closed in late September. However, most of the Grimoire staff members are on call if something is needed, and can be found in the village most evenings between 9PM PST and Midnight. The village is also a place for people to shop for items of magic, weapons, armor, reagents, potions, and craftables. Other merchants are always welcome when we have the space available. Grimoire will host events for other cities or guilds. We will allow you to settle disputes or teach you to defend yourself. Grimoire represents people getting involved and out of the house. The time has come for people to stop staying home collecting items and building skills. The time has come for the people of Britannia to come out and play with us!

’The town of Grimoire is located on the northwestern shores of Fire Island, (where the dungeon Hythloth and Shrine of Humility can be found), and can be accessed by boat or by magic such as Recall or Gate.’

-    Cardinal Fear
Mayor, City of Grimoire

For more information on the city of Grimoire, please visit their website at http://www.battlevortex.com/grimoire/.

We will continue to share tales of your accomplishments, adventures, and lives in the world of Ultima Online. Next week, we begin our February spotlights with a tale of love and marriage in Britannia. Please stop by to read this first in our series of tales of love in Britannia, and keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: October 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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