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Poisonous Perils
Our spotlight this week focuses on a dungeon adventure and the importance of friendship when faced with a precarious situation.
"Armor clicked into place, and the metallic sound echoed throughout the small tower. The scent of freshly sharpened swords mingled with the breath of the new dawn awakening the day. An eagle called from outside, the first sound that I, Arhaniel, or Bats heard from within our humble abode.

"Always serious, I smiled at my beloved, 'To hear the eagle at the dawn of a new a day is always a good sign. So we hunt gems to tinker jewelry and dirt for the plants and coins.'

"'Yes, and I must train my skills, so that I inflict more direct damage in battle. Anatomy means precision. First level of Shame -- earth elementals and scorpions…' An intensity flared within her bright eyes as Bats sheathed her deadly vanquishing sword, 'Meet you at the entrance.'

"As the recall sent her on her way, I realized that there were no cure potions here to counteract the poisonous stings from the scorpions in Shame, but decided that my skills would be advanced enough to protect me. That, and cross-healing was always effective.

"We entered the cave, our awareness and focus sharper than the edged vanquishing swords we carried. A dangerous calm came over us, and our horses snorted nervously as we immediately heard the sounds of battle. We heard and felt the thud of heavy footsteps before we saw the earth elementals themselves.

"'In Nox!' 'Corp Por!!'

"The clash of steel rang throughout the cavern. At least ten earth elementals were there. It was mayhem. An elf summoned mystical energy and cast spell after spell, a dwarf threw all his strength into the swinging of his large axe, and two humans maneuvered their own weapons expertly against the foes of Shame. We watched as one human was stung with poison as he brought his spear around.

"'En Nox!'

"Bats took one look at me and then we entered the melee. It was sheer madness all around us! Three more earth elementals appeared with two scorpions right at their heels. No one really knew who healed who, or who saved who. Sometime later, we were able to drive the numbers down to two earth elementals. I almost met my own demise twice. The victory was a good one for all of us, and we made comments expressing such.

"I decided to scout ahead as I saw Bats about to finish the last elemental. Around the corner a little ways, two earth elements rumbled to each other. I edged forward, attempting to get some idea of numbers -- there were only the two. I moved to strike, and as my sword came down on the first, I realized my mistake.


"Three more earth elementals surrounded me, murderous intent in there lifeless eyes. My heart jumped again as I heard the clicks of scorpions, and from out of the crevices in the wall two showed themselves. My first thought: no cure potions. I hardly felt safe, even as the first earth elemental fell to the ground with a thud. I turned my sword to the first scorpion as it threateningly raised its stinger, and silently thanked my parrying skills as I was able to avoid its strike. I moved to avoid the second scorpion, as the first was almost dead, but alas…


"Luckily, I was able to cure myself with my healing skills, but my wounds still needed tending, so I applied more bandages. The first scorpion fell apart from my sword as the other came in. My situation looked grim. I was alone and no one knew of my predicament. I attacked the second scorpion the moment I pulled my sword free from the corpse of the first. I was nearly on Death's doorstep before I was able to heal myself, but short lived was my relief -- I was poisoned again!

"As the shattered scorpion's body fell to the ground, I dug my heels into my horse's flanks and put my head down as my sword swung towards the two earth elementals that appeared behind me. Aiming directly for the two approaching me, my valiant horse charged. I had to get to Bats.

"I knocked one earth elemental into the other, but it was not looking good. I charged past them as several more joined the group to attack me. Bats was still just out of sight. I saw her as I tried to break free from their thunderous blows. My vision blurred, and I could barely make out her form. I shuddered in pain. We felt each other and I saw her faint image gallop my way. I could barely feel her hands on me as she began to apply her healing. I was no longer poisoned, but still had four earth elementals intent on ripping me from limb to limb -- something Bats would never allow. Ignoring the one attacking her, she focused entirely on the ones attacking me.

"Her cross-healing quickly brought me back to my true senses, and we were able to dispatch the monsters. I looked into her eyes and saw intensity beyond passionate care. A red glow deepened in her brown eyes. No words were needed, but we added them. Our eyes met, 'Arhaniel, you okay?'

"'Thanks,' I said. 'I am now.'"

-Arhaniel of Pacific

It is with pleasure that we present these tales of your adventures in Ultima Online. Please join again next week as we share another of the many stories of Britannia that you have created. Please keep an eye on FYI for new spotlight topics!

Published: October 2002
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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