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Blackthorn Defeated!
As incredible as this may sound, dear reader, to this reporter’s eyes it appeared that Lord Blackthorn has been defeated!

The virtuous Lady Dawn recently delivered a speech to a large crowd of Britannians on behalf of the ruling council. Lord Blackthorn appeared in Serpent’s Hold and interrupted the event. Blackthorn was belligerent, insulting Lady Dawn before summoning his forces of chaos to attack the assembled masses.

The battle raged for a while before local heroes fought it back. Blackthorn decided to escalate the confrontation, and shifted his focus from Serpent’s Hold to Lady Dawn’s home of Yew. The battle turned to a war, as daemons and champions of evil slaughtered good, honest citizens. But virtue and goodness are not to be defeated so easily. The tide turned as Lord Blackthorn’s minions and zealots were routed.

This reporter can only believe that the expenditure of magic combined with the onslaught of the attack weakened Blackthorn enough that the good people of Britannia were able to deal him his doom and repel the invasion. In a fantastic explosion of gold coins, Lord Blackthorn was brought down.

Sources indicate that although the corpse of Lord Blackthorn was looted clean, the body itself was not recovered.

In the aftermath of the battle, Lady Dawn was heard asking this:
“Is it true? Is Lord Blackthorn finally gone, his terror ended?

“I find this hard to believe, and yet we cannot dismiss what our eyes have shown us, can we?”
Can it be true? Is Lord Blackthorn finally gone, once and for all? Although this reporter’s soul will still shiver at the mention of Blackthorn’s name, we can only hope that we are finally rid of the scourge of chaos.

Published: June 2003
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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