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Ancient Knowledge
Lord British recently tasked the Royal Britannian Guard with a quest, to brave the dangers of Ilshenar and seek out a being of immense wisdom, knowledge, and power. Their mission: seek out an ancient wisp and gather details regarding the whereabouts of any wayward shard pieces.

The Commander, his militia, and a contingent of adventuring specialists, were guided by a riddle of a sort, from a scroll that Lord British acquired many years ago. The group examined the mysterious text within the scroll and decided it pointed them to a dungeon of Ilshenar, one known to be the home of several wisps. A Gate Travel spell was cast, and moments later they had all exited the king’s throne room into the wilds of Ilshenar near the Shrine of Honesty.

The adventuring party moved cautiously into the dungeon. For some reason, the Commander soon began feeling ill. No one could explain why, but after a few moments the Commander’s composure was regained, and the group continued onward.

The troop fought past handfuls of monsters and hidden secrets deeper into the gloom of the dungeon. As hoped, they eventually happened upon an ancient wisp. They attempted to communicate with it, but it spoke in the confusing dialogue that all the wisps used.

The group was pleased with initial responses from the ancient entity, but something sparked anger within it. The wisp attacked. The battle was short, and in the end it was the wisp that was defeated.

The adventuring group left Ilshenar, and the Commander—whose illness was quickly fading—suggested that it would be at least a few days before the royal archaeologists would decipher the additional information gathered from the wisp.

Published: December 2003
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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