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Damage Types
All creatures, players included, have five resistance attributes: Physical, Poison, Energy, Fire, and Cold. Non-human creatures have intrinsic resistances. For example, a Giant Ice Serpent may be practically immune to cold damage, but be very vulnerable to fire-based attacks. Humans (NPCs and players alike) have some intrinsic resistance, but their armor provides additional resistance based on its type, the materials it is made from, and its magical properties (Click here for more information on Magic Item Crafting). The classic Armor Rating (AR) value is transformed into Physical Resistance, and provides benefit against normal melee and missile attacks.

Here is a breakdown of the damage classes:
  • Physical - This is the standard damage type done by melee and ranged weapons.
  • Energy - The Energy Bolt and lightning-based spells deliver this jolt of electrical damage.
  • Fire - Burning damage delivered classically by the Fire Ball and Fire Field spells.
  • Cold - This is freezing damage, done by Mind Blast.
  • Poison - Toxins delivered by the assassin's blade, or by magic spells are the classic ways to deal this insidious form of damage.
You can also craft or find as loot weapons that are enhanced to specifically target one or more of these five reistances. To do the most damage to your opponent, try and match up your damage types with their lowest resistances.

Direct Damage

A few rare items and spells can cause direct damage - damage that has no corresponding resistance, and therefore bypasses armor completely. Damage of this type is capped at 35 in Player vs. Player combat.

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