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The party system is a tool to allow you to adventure with others, sharing loot and fame. The party system is in many ways very similar to the guild system, with party members being able to take actions on each other without incurring a criminal flag.



Players in a party will be able to share karmic and fame gains equally when a member of the party does something which would normally change their fame or karmic status.



Party members can designate whether other party members can loot them or not. The option is selected through the party system menus described later. The only exception to looting is if a party member is in a guild that has war declarations, he may not loot anyone other than those in his guild or in a guild he is at war with.



To form a party, a leader will need to be selected. The first person to invite other members into their party will be considered the leader. To open the party system menu, double-click on the right hand scroll found on your paperdoll. You can then create a “Party Manifest”. This menu can also be opened by creating a macro in your options menu. When you wish to form a party, use the Add New Member button to ask another player if they wish to join. If that person is not in another party, they will be able to join your group. Should they accept your offer, you will have formed an adventuring party.
To open the party system menu, double-click on the left-hand scroll found on your paperdoll. You can then create a "Party Manifest." This menu can also be opened by creating a macro in your options menu.

The following options are present:
List of Party Members
This gives a list of all the members in the party. To the left of each party member, there is a "tell" button. Left-clicking this button allows you to type a message and send it to that specific party member.
The party leader's manifest also has a "kick" button next to each character name. Left-clicking this button removes that party member from the party. Only the party leader will have this button available.

There are three additional buttons below the list of party members (party leaders have a fourth button).
Communication Within The Party
In order to facilitate good teamwork between members of the group, the party system will allow communication within the party, even over long distances. By selecting the ”Send the party a message” button in the Party menu, members will be able to send out messages to all members in the group. Typing a “/” before speech will achieve the same results.

You may also message individual members of your party privately by using the Tell button next to their name in the Party Manifest list.
Looting Rights
The second button is a toggle for looting rights. It toggles between "Party CANNOT loot me" and "Party can loot me."

Party can loot me
This option allows party members to freely loot you in both Trammel and Felucca. In Felucca, party members do not go gray or lose Reputation for looting you (the same as with guild members looting each other).

Party CANNOT loot me
This option does not allow party members to loot you in Trammel. In Felucca, party members can still loot you, but they go gray and receive a notoriety hit.
Leaving The Party
To leave a party press the Leave Party button on the Party menu. The leader of the party will also be able to dismiss party members. The party leader’s manifest will also have a "kick" button next to each character name. Left-clicking this button will remove that party member from the party. Only the party leader will have this button available. The party leader can also Disband the Party by selecting that button.
Add New Member (Party Leader Only)
Left-clicking this button brings up a targeting cursor and allows the party leader to add new members to the party.
  • A targeting cursor appears.
  • Select the character you wish to add to your party.
  • Once the character is targeted, a confirmation message appears on the targeted character's screen asking if he wishes to join the party.
  • If the character accepts, he becomes part of the party. The player may also type "/accept" or "/decline" to accept or decline the offer.
  • You may not have more than 10 characters in a party, including the party leader.



Harmful area of effect spells, which cause damage to any one residing within a specific radius of the targeted area, will not affect members within the same party. Beneficial spells will be able to be cast on party members within range by targeting their status gump in your Party menu.



Once a character is in the same party as you are, you can pull up their status bars by clicking and holding the left mouse button over their character. These party status bars are different than normal status bars. In addition to having more information, they are also designed to be less obtrusive. A party status bar includes:
  • The name of the character and his party number
  • The character's Health, Mana and Stamina.
  • Two buttons to the left which can be used to heal or cure the character (magery only)
You can use the status bars to target that character, as with the normal status bars.



In addition to the party system menus, you can also type shortcut commands to use the party system. The shortcuts are as follows:

  • /add
    - This does the same thing as the "Add New Member" button in the party leader menu. Just type "/add" and hit Enter to get the targeting cursor.
  • /rem
    - This does the same thing as the Kick button. Type "/rem" and hit Enter, then target the player to be removed from the party. Once targeted, the party member is immediately removed from the party.
  • /quit
    - Typing "/quit" does the same thing as the Disband/Leave Party buttons.
  • "/ "
    - Typing a "/" followed by the spacebar and then typing a message sends that message to the entire party. This is the same as the "Send the party a message" button.
  • "/t # "
    - Typing "/t #" or "/t#" (where # is a number from 1 to 10) followed by a space allows you to type a message to be sent to a specific party member. (Characters are assigned numbers in the order they are added.)

After you type the number and hit the spacebar, the number will automatically change to the party member's name to allow you to confirm that you are sending to the right character.

Like all party messages, the message you send to a specific party member will appear in the bottom left of your screen.

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