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Potion Kegs
Potion kegs are useful for storing large amounts of potions. They cannot be bought from NPC vendors, but must be crafted using the carpentry and tinkering skills.

Creating a Potion Keg

Items required for creation of a potion keg:

Crafted by Carpenters

Barrel Staves (3)
Barrel Lids (2)
Empty Keg (1)
Crafted by Tinkers

Barrel hoops (1)
Barrel tap (1)
Purchased from Shopkeeper

Empty bottle (10)

First, a carpenter must create an empty keg using:

  • 3 barrel staves
  • 1 set of barrel hoops
  • 1 barrel lid

To create an empty keg, double-click any carpentry tool while carrying the above in your backpack. If you are skilled enough, and have the correct items available, an option to create an open keg will appear under the your container sub-menu. If successful, the empty keg will appear in your backpack.

Second, a tinker may create the final potion keg using:

  • 1 empty keg
  • 1 barrel tap
  • 1 barrel lid
  • 10 empty potion bottles

To create a potion keg, double-click any tinker tool while carrying all of the above in your backpack. Click on the keg with your targeting cursor, and a menu will appear with the potion keg as an option. Select the potion keg and click "OK". If successful, the empty potion keg will appear in your backpack.

Hint: Remember! Whenever you craft anything in Ultima Online, you may lose materials or resources if your attempt is unsuccessful!

Using a Potion Keg

For both owners and non-owners, using a potion keg requires simply double-clicking on it. The keg will fill one empty bottle in the user's backpack.


Placing a potion in an empty potion keg will automatically make you the keg owner. Placing a potion in a partially filled potion keg will make you the owner if the keg is in your inventory.

As the potion keg owner, you may:

  • Identify the type of potion in the keg without using the Taste ID skill.
  • Designate the type of potion the barrel may hold.


To identify the potion contained in a potion keg, you must use the Taste ID skill. If you have not used the Taste ID skill, or have failed to ID the potion in a keg, it will appear as "A keg of (color) liquid" depending on the type of potion in the keg.

Filling a Potion Keg

Potion kegs may hold up to 100 potions of the same type. To fill a potion keg, drag a potion onto the keg.

If the keg is empty, any type of potion may be dragged onto it.

If the keg is partially full, you must either be the owner, or must have identified both the potion being placed in the keg and the potion in the keg.

An unidentified potion may be placed in an unidentified potion keg provided both are the same type of potion. (Thus, if you draw potions from a keg and cannot identify them, you may return them to the keg.)

Alchemists may craft potions directly into a potion keg if they have no empty bottles in their inventory. When creating a potion, they need simply click on a potion keg when prompted for a container in which to place the potion.

Additional Information

Potion kegs may be stacked. Potion kegs may be locked down in houses - see the housing information for details.

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