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Fifth Circle
Blade Spirits
Dispel Field
Magic Reflection
Mind Blast
Poison Field
Summon Creature

5th Circle Reagents Duration (seconds) Effect

Blade Spirits BP, MR, Ns 120 seconds Conjures a whirling pillar of blades that attacks targets within a 6 tile radius and deals up to 15 points of damage per hit. Targets are chosen based on (Strength + Tactics)/distance (i.e. Targets that are the closest, strongest, and the most tactically skilled are its highest priority). No Resist check is made
Dispel Field BP, Ga, SS, SA Single Use Nullifies one tile of field spells.
(e.g., Poison Field, Energy Field, Wall of Stone, Energy Field)
Incognito BM, Ga, Ns 120% Magery (up to 144 sec.)

Disguises your character with a randomly generated appearance and name.

Magic Reflection

Ga, MR, SS Indefinite The magic reflection spell decreases the caster's physical resistance, while increasing the caster's elemental resistances.
Physical decrease = 25 - (Inscription/20). Elemental resistance = +10
(-20 physical, +10 elemental at GM Inscription)
The magic reflection spell has an indefinite duration, becoming active when cast, and deactivated when re-cast.
Reactive Armor, Protection, and Magic Reflection will stay on?even after logging out, even after dying?until you "turn them off" by casting them again.
Mind Blast BP, MR, Ns, SA Single Use

This spell now deals an amount of cold damage based upon the caster's Magery and Intelligence values.
(40-42 Damage at 100 Magery 100 Int) Elemental Resistances reduce damage.

Paralyze Ga, MR, SS (Eval/10 - Resist/10) * 3 The target of this spell is frozen in place. This spell now gets its duration based upon a calculation that compares the caster's evaluate intelligence skill to the target's resisting spells skill.
Poison Field BP, Ns, SS 40% Magery +3 (up to 51 sec.) The poison field spell will now use the same code the poison spell uses for determining what level of poison to apply to the target, without checking distances. Previously, the poison field spell always applied level 2 poison to the target.
Summon Creature BM, MR, SS 4 * Magery (up to 480 sec.) A random animal is summoned to be your pet for a short amount of time.
5th Circle spells cost 14 mana and take 1.5 seconds to cast (summoning spells have an added 6 second delay)

Reagents Key

BM - Blood Moss, BP - Black Pearl, Ga - Garlic, Gi - Ginseng , MR - Mandrake Root, Ns - Nightshade, SS - Spider Silk, SA - Sulphurous Ash

To cast spells from the Fifth Circle, you must have a spellbook, the appropriate reagents, and a significant amount of Magery skill.

Blade Spirits
Tip: This is a great spell to use against non-magical monsters with high strength and Tactics. Magical creatures will often dispel Blade Spirits. Once the spell has been cast, target within two tiles of a creature for best results. This might take some practice to accomplish on quickly moving targets.

Always be wary of casting area effect spells in Felucca, as a Murder (red player) or Criminal (grey player) could use the spell to flag you as an aggressor (grey to them). This would allow them to kill you without taking a murder count.
Required Reagents: Black Pearl, Mandrake Root, Nightshade
Words of Power: In Jux Hur Ylem

Dispel Field
Tip: If you are leaving an area, you may want to dispel field effect spells (Fire Field, Poison Field, Energy Field) instead of allowing them to dissipate on their own to avoid harming an unintended target. This will help you avoid unintentionally harming another player.
Required Reagents: Black Pearl, Garlic, Spider's Silk, Sulphurous Ash
Words of Power: An Grav

Tip: Amuse your friends with a quick disguise, or use in situations where your real name might be a liability. Note: This spell does not change clothing, so people might still recognize you by your garish outfit if not your name.
Required Reagents: Blood Moss, Garlic, Nightshade
Words of Power: Kal In Ex

Magic Reflection
Tip: A great defensive spell for mage battles however you will be much more vulnerable to physical damage while protecting yourself from spells.
Required Reagents: Garlic, Mandrake Root, Spider's Silk
Words of Power: In Jux Sanct

Mind Blast
Tip: Fast cast times and low mana costs help interrupt healing or casting of the target. High Intelligence helps increase Mind Blast's damage.
Required Reagents: Black Pearl, Mandrake Root, Nightshade, Sulphurous Ash
Words of Power: Por Corp Wis

Tip: Paralyzing your target can give you some extra time in which to make an escape, or use Meditation to regain mana. It's useful when taming creatures to avoid being damaged as much, but as a result, your pet will be slightly less powerful initially. Paralyze can be used in combination with the delayed damage spell Explosion, or in combination with Energy Bolt or Flamestrike to execute deadly combos while your opponent is frozen. Players will often use trapped pouches to break the effects of paralysis, so this is usually only useful against an unprepared opponent.
Required Reagents: Mandrake Root, Garlic, Spider's Silk
Words of Power: An Ex Por

Poison Field
Tip: A good offensive and defensive spell if multiple creatures are attacking you. Level 4 poison fields in faction or guild wars sounds painful.

Always be wary of casting area effect spells in Felucca, as a Murder (red player) or Criminal (grey player) could use the spell to flag you as an aggressor (grey to them). This would allow them to kill you without taking a murder count.
Required Reagents: Black Pearl, Nightshade, Spider's Silk
Words of Power: In Nox Grav

Summon Creature
Tip: This spell summons a random creature to fight for the caster. The more skillful the mage, the longer the summoning can be maintained and the stronger the creature that is summoned. The creature may be controlled using the pet/hireling commands.
Required Reagents: Blood Moss, Spider's Silk, Mandrake Root
Words of Power: Kal Xen

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