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Few kitchens in Britannia are without this humble allium. Legends of its protective powers extend back through the mists of time, and in modern magical practice it is used in spells which protect the caster or a target and ward off or dispel a danger or evil. For the purposes of magic, the bulb of the plant is washed, peeled and ground into a paste.
Alchemy Uses
Potions made of garlic are used to cure poison. Anyone can create a lesser cure potion with a single bulb of garlic, which is capable of curing lesser poison. A serious hobbyist can create a stronger version using three bulbs of garlic, which is capable of curing regular poison. It takes an expert alchemist, and five bulbs of garlic, to produce a greater cure potion capable of curing any poison.
Mage Uses
Garlic is used in most spells involving someone's health.

First Circle
Reactive Armor
Create Food
Second Circle
Magic Trap
Third Circle
Magic Lock
Wall of Stone
Fourth Circle
Arch Cure
Arch Protection
Greater Heal
Fifth Circle
Dispel Field
Magic Reflection
Sixth Circle
Mass Curse
Seventh Circle
Mass Dispel
Eighth Circle
Garlic can be found in any shop stocking reagents. Provisioners and healers also frequently stock some garlic. It may also be found throughout Britannia, in forests, meadows, swamps, dungeons, and marshlands.

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