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Stand before a tree and gaze upward. Do you see leaves? Jagged limbs? Branches? The skilled lumberjack may gaze at the same tree and see buildings and towers and finely carved wooden goods.
The Tools
Axes, hatchets or pole arms are required for harvesting wood from trees.
Sold By: Weaponsmith
Crafted? Yes, using the Blacksmithing or Tinkering skills.
Using Lumberjacking
To use your Lumberjacking skill to harvest wood from trees throughout Britannia:
  • Equip a hatchet or axe.
  • Stand close to a tree.
  • Double-click the weapon.
  • Target the tree.
  • If successful, some logs are placed in your backpack. The type of wood harvested is based on your skill level.

    Note: Using the "Circle of Transparency" option can make it difficult to target trees for harvesting. You may wish to minimize your transparency when using the Lumberjacking skill.
    Rare Woods and Resources
    For lumberjacks with the Mondain's Legacy expansion pack, six special wood types may be discovered, as well as a number of rare crafting ingredients.

    Wood type Relative Rarity
    Ordinary wood Normal Very Common
    Oak Common
    Ash Uncommon
    Yew Approximately 5% of all wood
    Heartwood Approximately 3% of all wood
    Bloodwood Approximately 2% of all wood
    Frostwood Approximately 1% of all wood

    Trees have a chance to change wood type every time they restock.
    Lumberjacking and Combat
    Hefting an axe all day has a positive effect on your physical skills, and as you become accustomed to wielding an axe, you begin to learn to use it effectively in combat as well as on trees. A lumberjack will see an increase in damage when using any of the following in combat:

    Executioner's Axe
    Battle Axe
    Double Axe
    Large Battle Axe
    Two Handed Axe
    Ornate Axe

    and the artifacts based on those items:

    Heavy Ornate Axe
    Guardian Axe
    Singing Axe
    Thundering Axe

    Additional Information
    Professional Title: Lumberjack
    Skill Used by: Item Use
    Trainers: Carpenter, Farmer
    Primary Stat: Strength
    Secondary Stat: Dexterity
    Handy Additional Skills for Lumberjacks:
    Bowcraft/Fletching - Use your harvested wood to create arrows and bows.
    Carpentry - Create furniture, house add-ons and other wares.
    Tinkering - Create tools and other items with the wood you harvest.

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