Publish 38 Brings Holiday Joy to the World and PBDs To Siege

Good tidings to all, peace and goodwill toward men (and women), ho ho ho and Merry (insert name of your preferred winter holiday here)…The final publish of the year is here, and it’s a big one. Here’s a run down of all the joy we’ve jammed into your UO stocking:

  • Holiday Gifts
  • Siege PBD Fix
  • Combat Changes
  • Name and Gender Change Tokens
  • New Quests
  • A bunch of bug fixes

Click here for the Pub 38 change list.

The Eight Virtue Quests

The Order of the Crux Ansata has grown ever more dismayed at the lack of knowledge and popular support for the eight virtues. It has therefore been decided that a campaign to reeducate the citizenry is necessary to ensure that the virtues continue to hold their rightful place in Britannia. To help the Order achieve this goal, we're adding eight virtue-related quests with Publish 38. It the hope of the Order that through participation in these quests, the citizens of Britannia will come away with a better understanding of their importance to Britannian society.

Read more about the quests here.

Mr. Tact and the Dev Team Take On PvP

Ready to return to Felucca? Planning a vacation on Siege Perilous? PvP is getting worked over and you'll see the first results in mid-December with Pub 38. The planned fixes address several balance issues, including changing the Armor Ignore special ability among others. We're also planning to bring back the PvP test shard to help with further changes to the player combat system. So sharpen your swords and polish your armor, it's time to slip through the Yew gate and find some targets.

Keep an eye out on for more information after the holidays!

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