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What We're Crafting - Sleepless in Seattle
The Novice's Journal - Soulstone Fragments!
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Town Hall

Meeting: Seattle
Town Hall Meeting: We’ll be Sleepless in Seattle
Hear ye, hear ye! The Ultima Online Town Hall Road Trip is heading to Seattle, WA! Join members of the UO team in April in Seattle for the next UO Town Hall Meeting. The details are still being finalized be we wanted to give you advanced warning of our next destination.

The Seattle Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 29th, 2005. Stay tuned to for more information and all the details.
Treasures of

Tokuno Phase 2
Treasures of Tokuno Phase 2 Has Begun! Come Get Your Major Arties!
Are all of those Minor artifacts piling up on you? Are you running out of room in your backpack, house and bankbox because of all the Pilfered Dancer Fans, Dragon Nunchakus, and Demon Forks you’ve collected? Well now’s your chance to do something with those minor arty’s!

You may be asking yourself, “Self, how do I trade my minor artifacts in exchange for a major artifact?” Well the answer is simple! Head on over to Zinto and seek out the Imperial Minister of Trade, he will hook you up.

For more info on Phase 2 of the Treasures of Tokuno, go HERE.


Did you miss out on the Ultima Online: Samurai Empire pre-order Soulstone? Did you get your Soulstone, but wish you had another one? No need to fear, Soulstone Fragments are here! Beginning March 31st, 2005 you can enter your Samurai Empire upgrade code found on the back of your CD jewel case (the code on the bottom) into UO's in-game promotion tool, and you will be given a Promotional Token that can be redeemed for a Soulstone Fragment.

Click HERE for complete details on Soulstone Fragments.

What's Happening on My Shard
Click for a list of events

Get Crafty

There is always a lot of traffic on the message boards and that is a good place to meet and mingle with your fellow adventurers.

To get your thoughts in on Crafting, one of the current hot topics being currently discussed, go HERE

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Save the loot you get now, because soon you will be able to return them to the ruler of Tokuno and be rewarded for it.


LA Town Hall Meeting! Town Hall Meeting: UO Goes Hollywood
The first Town Hall Meeting has held in Los Angeles at the EALA campus with over 70 enthusiastic UO Players attending. Friends, enemies, guild and shardmates traveled as many as 4 hours to attend and talk about everything from the invasions to Binky’s UO tattoos.

Go here for a complete recap of the event as told by our very own Wilki!

Click HERE to see a video greeting from all the LA Town Hall Meeting attendees.

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