September 2007 MyUO Newsletter

In this edition of the Ultima Online (UO) Newsletter we discuss the following:

  • UO's 10th Anniversary Is Here!
  • The Kingdom Is Reborn!
  • Welcome Back to Britannia Program
  • 14-Day Trial - Tell Your Friends!

UO's 10th Anniversary Is Here!

On September 25, 1997, thousands of adventurers entered the world of Sosaria for the first time. Many of them fell to the hazards of the wilderness, the perils of the dungeons, or even to the wiles of their fellows. But many of them found a home here - a home they have treasured for a decade.

We are proud to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Ultima Online, and invite all of our citizens to join us. We have special events, new items to earn, and gifts to give all of our loyal players - don't miss it!

Some of the gifts and prizes include:

  • The completed Virtue Armor set
  • Several cool commemorative items, including a Map of Britannia and an Ankh Necklace
  • A collection of weapons owned by various notable figures in Britannia's history
  • Several fun and valuable free gifts!

The Kingdom Is Reborn!

Come join us in a Kingdom Reborn! Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn is officially launched and free to download from a number of sites - check out all the links here.

If you're not familiar with KR, here's some reasons to check it out:

  • Complete Graphical Overhaul
    • While staying true to Ultima Onlineís classic game play and overall feel, Kingdom Reborn updates game graphics for the entire world - including monsters, environment and spell effects.
  • Flexible and Modern MMO UI
    • Allows players to enjoy Ultima lore using todayís MMO control schemes. Also includes crafting action bar for rapid repeat build options.
  • World Map Tool
    • Highlights key destinations and points of interest including healers and resurrection areas. Includes a variety of customizable options and zoom controls.
  • Update Macro System
    • Intuitive system that can macro virtually any in-game action.
  • Chat System
    • In-game chat with selectable channels, drop down point and click menus as well as a buddy list.
  • Improved Party System
    • Includes more stats and "targetable" bars to enhance management and healing of parties.
  • "New Player Experience" Tutorial
    • Guides players through Kingdom Rebornís controls and career progression so players can jump into the action more quickly.
See you there!

Welcome Back to Britannia Program

All citizens of Sosaria are invited back to Ultima Online to help us celebrate its 10th anniversary. Check out the Kingdom Reborn client, join in the celebration, and receive your gifts - everyone is welcome!

From Sept. 25, 2 a.m. PST to Oct. 9, 2 a.m. PST, all closed UO accounts will be re-opened for free play. (This only applies to accounts in good standing. Accounts that were banned for misbehavior will not be re-activated.) In most cases, your characters and property will be intact and ready for play.*

For more information on the Return to Britannia Program, click here.

14-Day Trial - Tell Your Friends!

Have friends you've been wanting to bring with you into Britannia? Been away a while, but want to come back? Come back now for 14 days and try the new Kingdom Reborn client! Just click here to get your trial code.

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