UO Vendor


UOVendor, a small utility that can record your stock prices, and send them to the game window, saving much wear and tear on memory and fingers.

Update Information

If you are updating from a previous version, take care not to overwrite your data files (these are the files ending '.dat'). The only file you MUST extract is 'UOVendor.exe', in addition you'll probably want to extract any of the data files that you dont already have, as this will save you some typing.
I always recommend that you make copies of your files before upgrading, just in case!

If you have problems or feedback, my email & icq number are on the help window (press F1).
Version 3.6 :
If upgrading from an older version, the first time you run this one, it will convert a couple of your files, you will see a message confirming this has been done.
All of the grid and lists have been revamped and made easier to use, also they can all be customised (right click list).
Added a 'Virtue' & 'No Special' flags to the Weapons page.
Added a timer to the bulk page so you can tell when your next BOD is available.
Added an icon to the bulk order list, to indicate if you have the corresponding large bulk order.
Sorting on the general page should now be much better.
Added a drop down menu button to the Reagents page, to allow fast input of 10,100,100 etc amounts, also theres an extra option on the right click menu 'Link Quantities', if you check this all of the reagent amounts will change in unison.
Extended the profile editor & renamed it 'Memos', you can now create as many memos as you require, to use as shopping lists etc.
Added a 'Charged Items' editor, its similar to the 'Map Editor', but is designed to work with Wands and charmed items.
Added a Vendor list it includes a space to enter vendor details and your bank balance, so you can see how rich you are, double clicking the bank balance, sends 'Balance' to the game, double clicking a vendor sends 'VendorName status'.
The 'Options Page' has been moved to a seperate window, access it via the right click menu 'Options'.
Added to Options the ability to turn off the sending of various elements on a page by page basis.
Added 'BackSpc' to the Options screen, this is the number of backspaces that will be sent to the game, before any item data, this ensures that any stray characters already on the screen are deleted.
Added a help popup, press F1.
Finally in answer to a couple of regular questions :
I will get around to updating the pictures etc on this web page as soon as possible, I realise they are well out of date now.
I intend to write a small setup program soon, to make the whole thing easier to install.

Version 3.5 :
There are quite a lot of major changes in this version, which reflect the many additions to the game recently, any feedback on this version would be appreciated, especially the new BOD page.

We have seen quite a number of new magical weapons and armours, so in order to make things as flexible as possible, I have removed the graphical weapon menu, and replaced it, and each of the magic weapon / armour button functions with a user defined list, this means you can now edit the drop down lists for Magic Weapon Items / Magic / Accuracy / Durability / Other and Magic Armour Items / Magic / Durability / Other, by simply clicking on the appropiate label. Included with this version are nine extra data files with the basic information already loaded : ListMwItem.dat - ListMwMagic.dat - ListMwAcc.dat - ListMwDur.dat - ListMwOther.dat - ListMaItem.dat - ListMaMagic.dat - ListMaDur.dat - ListMaOther.dat.

As identifying a magical item now allows other people to also see its magical qualities, it can be a bit overkill sending an identical description to the game screen, to overcome this the 'Send Carriage Return' option has been removed from the Other page, and the option to toggle the sending of Values, Descriptions, and the following Carriage Return, have been added on an individual page basis.

Other field for Weapons/Armour changed to a drop down list, you can save the info for later use now.

Added support for Bulk Orders (see new Bulk page), the 'List' button on the page will list all of your BOD/LBOD's to a book or your profile (position game cursor in a book / profile before commencing).

Treasure Maps altered to include the new map descriptions (Plainly, Cleverly, etc), and moved to the Regs Page.

Added an option to allow editing of you profile (position game cursor in a book / profile before commencing).

Moved the 'Contact Information' from the other page, to a popup help window.

Added a few shortcuts : F1 = Contact Information Window, F2 = Send To Game, Control + X = Exit.

Added a 'List Delay' to the other page, this is the delay between each character when listing BOD's or your profile, I find 500 is just fine, but you might want to increase this if you have a slow connection and find your missing characters from the list.

Some general tidying up done to the buttons and grids.

Version 3.4 :
Fixed 'List index out of bounds' bug.
Changed the way UOVendor finds the UO game window, this should make it work with 3rd dawn.
Version 3.3 :
Added support for Reagents (See new reagents page)
Version 3.2 :
Added support for user defined Magic Weapons (Click 'Edit' button on the graphical weapon menu).
Added Option to sort General List on different columns (Right click General page).
Added Option to allow moving of items in the General List (Right click General page).
Added Option to hide & rename pages (Other page).
Made the list options (list lines, Colour, Font colour, Font, & Font size) definable for each individual list. (Right click any page with a list on).
Version 3.1 :
Fixed treasure map button resize problem & halberd misspelling.
Added bows & quaterstaff to magic weapon section.
Added extra freetype field to magic weapon section.
Added support for magic armour (Extract the additional data file 'MAItem.dat') .
GM Armour page renamed Smith.


Is it UO Pro ?
I checked on the UO web site, and it states there, We are not currently accepting submissions to the Third Party Affiliate Program. So I emailed them regarding this and received the following response. 'I apologize but I do not have any additional information on when we will begin accepting submissions again for 3rd party program approval. Please keep checking our web site for any updates'. So only approved programs may be used, but there is no way to gain approval, no suprises there then !
However, the text is sent from UOVendor to the game by posting keystroke messages to the game window via the operating system. This means the game wouldn't be aware that the text wasnt coming from the keyboard, additionaly UO Vendor does not interact with the data stream and no particular ingame advantage is gained from its use.
How do I change the price of my ingots, calculate weapon prices, etc..
UOVendor is strictly a recording application, there are no calculations done at all. If anyone would like to come up with some working formula for calculating the prices of smithed items, Magic weapons, (or anything else for that matter), Ill certainly have a crack at including it in UO Vendor, or perhaps more likely, write a seperate calculator program thats capable of sending data to UO Vendor.
What are the files that make up UOVEndor
UOVendor.exe - Main Executable Program.
ReadMe.txt - Notes.

Prices.dat - Magic Weapons Price List (Weapon Page).
Stock.dat - Magic Weapons Stock List (Weapon Page).
ListMwItem.dat - Magic Weapons Items (Weapon Page).
ListMwMagic.dat - Magic Weapons Magic Type (Weapon Page).
ListMwAcc.dat - Magic Weapons Accuracy (Weapon Page).
ListMwDur.dat - Magic Weapons Durability (Weapon Page).
ListMwOther.dat - Magic Weapons Other (Weapon Page).

MAPrice.dat - Magic Armour Price List (Armour Page).
MAStock.dat - Magic Armour Stock List (Armour Page).
ListMaItem.dat - Magic Armour Items (Armour Page).
ListMaMagic.dat - Magic Armour Magic Type (Armour Page).
ListMaDur.dat - Magic Armour Durability (Armour Page).
ListMaOther.dat - Magic Armour Other (Armour Page).

Armour.dat - Armour Prices (Smith Page - Upper).
ArmDesc.dat - Armour Descriptions (Smith Page - Lower).

Lbod.dat - Large Bulk Orders (Bulk Page - Upper).
Bod.dat - Bulk Orders (Bulk Page - Lower).

General.dat - General Items (General Page).

Maps.dat - Treasure Maps (Regs Page - Upper).

Profile.dat - Your Profile (Other Page).
Where doe's UOVEndor store my settings / preferences
There all stored in the registry at the following location :
I get an error 'List Index Out Of Bounds [6]'
Iv'e had a few people report the above error after upgrading. Its caused by hiding the Reagents page I think. So if you get this problem, either download the latest version from here, or delete the key 'HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\Paul Howarth\UO Vendor' from your registry, and dont hide any of the pages.

Magic Weapons


This page allows you to manipulate two lists (Prices & Stock). The idea being that when you place items in your vendor, you add them to stock. As they are sold you move them from the stock list, to the prices list. Thus allowing you to check historical data for price comparisons. It also shows you how many days items have been in stock and how long they took to sell.
A description of the various functions follow :
Add - Adds an item to the stock list. (Enter all item details first).
Delete - Deletes the currently selected item from the stock or prices list.
Edit - Edit the value of the current item. (Enter new value in price box first).
Sold - Delete the current item from the stock list and move it to the price list.
Stock - Toggles the displayed list between stock & prices.
Reset - Clears any details that have been entered.
Auto - If this is checked, then a search is performed, each time the user changes any information in the detail boxes.
Search - Searches for any records matching the data entered in the detail boxes.
Send - Sends the current item as text to Ultima Online game screen. (for when you place the item in the vendor) In the format 'Value , Magic Silver Accuracy Durability' (e.g. '5000,Power Silver Eminent Accurate Durable) Double clicking an item in the list is the same as clicking the send button.
Also - Clicking the detail title 'Weapon' drop down a graphical menu representing the weapons available in Ultima. Theres also an edit button on this menu, which will display a list of additional items that you may edit.
Clicking the detail titles 'Magic, Accuracy & Durablity' will drop down a list showing the enchantment bonuses.
Right click for menu with list customisation options, a Send to game option, and a Send to detail option which will complete the detail boxes at the top of the page, with the data from the list.
Double Clicking the list is the same as clicking the send button.

Magic Armour


The Armour page works exactly like the Weapons page, with one exception.
Clicking the detail title 'Item' will allow you to edit the item descriptions, rather than dropping down a graphical menu.

Smith Goods


The smith page records any items made from coloured ore (armour sets, armour parts, shields, etc).
Edit - Puts the price & description list into edit mode, thus allowing you to change the values.
Save - Saves the amended values to the data file.
New - Adds a blank record ready for new data.
Delete - Deletes Current Armour type (Note : Thats the whole column on the prices list).
Send - Sends the current item to the game screen in the format 'Value , Armour Description - Metal Type' (e.g. '5000,GM Light Armour - Agapite) Double clicking the Price list also sends the item to the game screen.
Also - The list columns and rows can be resized and reorderd, using the the drag/resize buttons on the left and top of the lists.
Right click for menu offering list customisations & Send to game option.
Double Clicking the price list is the same as clicking the send button.



This is just a general price list.
Edit - Puts the list into edit mode, so you can amend and add new items.
Add - Inserts a blank line for you to enter a new item. (tabbing out of the value column, while in edit mode, will do the same thing).
Save - Saves your amendments to the data file.
Delete - Deletes the current item.
Send - Sends the current item to the game screen in the format 'Value , Description' (e.g. '55, Greater Heal Potion').
Goto - Drops down a list of all the types that have been entered, and has two functions. When in edit mode the type box will be completed with the selected type, otherwise the list is searched for the first item of that type.
Also - Double clicking the list will also send the current item to the game.
Right clicking on the page will present a popup menu with the following options :
Sort Order (None, Type, Description, Value) - Allows you to select which column the list is sorted on.
Mode (None, Resize, Move) - When in Resize mode the lists column and row size can be altered, using the size buttons along the top and left of the list. In Move mode you can reorder the items by dragging the buttons along the left of the list (probably best to set the Sort Order to None if you want to do this).
list Customisation Options.



Very straight forward this page. Enter the amount and the cost per reagent, the total is calculated. Clicking the reagent name sends the data to the screen.
The values are saved when you exit the program.



Treasure Maps : Another simple list.
Send - Sends the map info to the screen, map data is also saved as it is sent to the games screen.
Delete - Deletes the currently selected map.
Options :
Save On Exit - When checked will remember the forms size and position on the screen.
Stay On Top - Forces the UOVendor screen to stay above the game screen, when checked.
Auto Enter - If checked a carriage return is sent after the value and description data.
Show Hints - Toggles button hints on / off.
Button Graphic - Displays buttons with graphical images.
Button Text - Displays buttons with text. (Note if you show graphics and text, you will need to make the screen fairly wide).
Ultima Window - This is the text the program searches for, when locating the game screen.(e.g. in this instance, data is sent to the window who's title begins with 'Ultima Online -'). You may need to change this to make it work with 3rd Dawn.
Pages - Options here to rename and hide the individual pages of the program.

Comments ? Send me an email at [email protected]