UOATranslator 2.1


UOATranslator requires UOAssist to be installed on your machine. If you do not want to register and Purchase UOAssist, UOAssist will act as a pass-through to the translator but will not work aside from allowing translation.

  • Automatic translation of what you type in the game!
  • Standard with 4 dictionaries to translate what you type into Valley Girl, Jive, AmericanIndian or Renaissance speak!
  • Fully editable dictionary files! Change them or make new ones!
  • Ability to turn off translator on a line by line basis or till you reactivate it.
Coming attractions:
  • Macro behavior for your character. Role play easier!
  • More dictionaries
  • 1.01 - 8/29/98
    • Fixed a bug in the Jive dictionary.
    • Added a bit to the Valley Girl dictionary.
    • Fixed bug in setup that made you have to load *NO TRANSLATION*
  • 1.10 - 9/2/98
    • Had a complaint about the use of "Bastard" in the renaissance dictionary. I removed it and replaced it with a bit more words.
    • The setup screen is no longer sizeable.
    • If you modify the .raw file, you no longer have to delete the .dic file to get the program to compile it. It will use the latest file (newest) of the two. So just edit the .raw and it is compiled next time a dictionary needs to be loaded.
    • The mouse cursor would not always work on the setup screen.
    • Found an internal error that could cause the .dll to stop working.
    • Added version information to the .DLL. Just right click on it and pick properties to see the version number.
    • Fixed a bug that did not translate some words at the begining of a sentance.
    • Fixed the bug that made words that did not translate lose the case.
  • 1.20 - 9/5/98 - If you only download the .DLL make sure to delete your .dic files so .raw files compile with sort fixes.
    • Fixed the sorting of the .dic file. It was not sorting for optimal translation.
    • Fixed a bug that caused case to make translations fail. "Hello" would not translate but "hello" would.
  • 1.30 - 9/8/98
    • Opps, v1.2 hardcoded the Renaissance Dictionary to always be the one used.
  • 2.0b - 12/26/98
    • Added new dictionary
    • Regular Expressions Engine added
    • Converted Renaissance Dictionary to use Regular Expressions. Makes translation faster.
    • Fixed several bugs in the Renaissance Dictionary
    • This is a Beta version. If you find bugs email me please.
  • 2.0 - 3/23/99
    • Has it been this long! Wow! Fixed the version in the setup page
    • Many fixes and additions to the Renaissance dictionary 
  • 2.1 - 7/14/00
    • Has it been this long! Wow! Fixed the setup. To get in it type tsetup now.
    • Added TestDLL.exe, which lets you run the translator locally so you can test your own dictionaries and changes without playing UO 
    • Fixed the jive and Valley Girl Dictionaries. 
  • Download the FULL UOATranslator setup for Win95/98/NT
  • or if you have the program (Version 2.0b or higher) and just want to upgrade: Download the UOATranslator dlls for Win95/98/NT
  • Looking for more dictionaries? These UOATranslator Dictionaries were submitted to me by players like yourself! I hold no responsibility for the content and/or functionality of these dictionaries. Use at your own risk. Remember to download them to your UOATranslator directory and they will instantly show in the setup!

    Dictionary Author
    Orcish -  Beta Tellus on Chesapeake
    Westron (Hobbit) Kenneth Christensen
    Yours could be here if you send it to me!

- Deltheena