Welcome to UOHome Owner.
This program is designed to make decorating and managing your house a bit easier


This is a very simple interface. All you do is click on the
button for each command, and the command is carried out.

Stool Lock down item
Chest Secure item
Hammer Release item
Skull Ban person/monster
Scales Remove person/monster
Barrel Place trash barrel
Strong Box Place strong box

Refer to the above table for button actions.

You can turn Tool Tips off and on. this way if you forget what
each button does, you can see a tip to remind you.



DOWNLOAD - This file is Self Executing and 900k in size

Download UOHomeOwner V1.0 - This program works with Win95, Win 98, Win2000, WinME



Originally Created by: Douglas Portz
Copyright 2001: Xena Dragon
Graphics and Ultima Online trademark are owned by Origins Systems

Email your comments or concerns to [email protected]

Althought this program does not interact with the UO datastream, I take no responsibility for damage or loss to your computer or files caused by the use of this program. You are using it at your own risk.

This program is not UOPro approved, but meets the spirit of what UOPro was designed to do. This program does not give you any advantage other than freeing up your keyboard from up to a few macros.