UORudder was designed to help you navigate your boat without having to setup a bunch of macros. It also provides a compact interface that makes navigation easier.

UORudder was written in Visual Basic 6.0, It does not interact with the data stream of Ultima Online, rather it sends a combination of key strokes to you Ultima Online window. -- Think of it as automatically typing words for you.


This window is set to always be on top. That means it will sit on top of you UO playing surface. you can turn this off if you wish under Options.

To set the speed at which you wish to sail, click on One, Slow or Normal. You may use these buttons while underway to change speeds at anytime.

Each direction has its own arrow button. To move in that direction click the appropriate button. To stop, click the Stop button in the center. To come about, click the middle button at the bottom.

You can raise and drop your anchor by clicking on the anchor button. The serpent pillar's commands are accessed by the button in the lower right corner.

There is also a more advanced interface for those who use maps on their Tillerman. you can activate the advanced features by using the drop down menu - Interface. Click on Advanced and the Navigation by Map will appear.

To use this feature, hand a map to your tillerman that has been setup with way points. To go to any of these way points simple click the appropriate number.

You can sail from point to point in order using start, also you may continue a stopped pattern by hitting continue.

If you are not sure which point you are going to, click on Nav and the Tillerman will tell you the active point.

Please note: the use of these buttons will turn off the "Rotate with Ship" function. You will have to reset your ship's direction once you are finished traveling by map.

To switch to "Rotate Mode" click on one of the blue gems to indicate in which direction your ship is facing.

It is very easy to tell that you are in "Rotate Mode": Once in this mode the arrow corresponding with the direction your boat is facing will change color. When you turn off "Rotate Mode" by clicking the topmost blue gem, the arrow buttons will go back to the original color.


REQUESTED IMPROVEMENTS - if you have one just email me with it.

All the requests I get will be given serious consideration. In fact most of the changes made to date have been on the request of UORudder users. Email me if you have any suggestions.

REGISTRATION - UORudder is freeware

DOWNLOAD - UO Rudder is packed as a ZIP file. You need a program such as WinZip to unzip it.

Click Here to download UORudder v4.0 (size 1.4 Mb)


Originally Created by: Douglas Portz
Copyright 2001-2004: Xena Dragon
Graphics and Ultima Online trademark are owned by Origins Systems

Email your comments or concerns to
[email protected]

Although this program does not interact with the UO data stream, I take no responsibility for damage or loss to your computer or files caused by the use of this program. You are using it at your own risk.

This program is not UO Pro approved, but meets the spirit of what UOPro was designed to do. This program does not give you any advantage other than freeing up your keyboard from up to 30 macros.