Welcome to UOTamer. This program is designed to make taming and controlling of pets a little easier. It requires only 3 macros to be setup in UO.


The interface can sit on top of your UO screen, and you simply click on the appropriate button, and the command is carried out.

Last Target only works for the following 4 commands: Tame, Kill, Follow and Lore. You can automatically use your last target if you click the checkbox.


Under Pets you can identify up to 3 pets by name. You must make the name EXACTLY the same as you have it on your pet. Below is a picture of the window you type the name into.

You can setup your macros to match your UO Macros here.

These Macros will be saved when you exit the program via Exit under the Options Menu.

If you need help with setting up macros in UO, refer to the macros tutorial on www.uo.com


Download UOTamer - Version 2.1 - This program works with Win95, Win 98, Win2000, and Windows ME



Originally Created by: Douglas Portz
Copyright 2001: Xena Dragon
Graphics and Ultima Online trademark are owned by Origins Systems

Email your comments or concerns to [email protected]

Althought this program does not interact with the UO datastream, I take no responsibility for damage or loss to your computer or files caused by the use of this program. You are using it at your own risk.

This program is not UOPro approved, but meets the spirit of what UOPro was designed to do. This program does not give you any advantage other than freeing up your keyboard from up to 30 macros.