Dungeons - Overview
Dungeon Theme Location Sextant
Blighted Grove Lady Melisande's domain Just south of Dungeon Shame. 1 S, 51 W
Covetous Magic & Undead A short walk west of Vesper, buried inside mountains, lies Dungeon Covetous. 61 N, 82 E
Deceit Lair of the Undead The entrance to Deceit can be found within the mountains on Ice Island. 104 N, 163 W
Despise Semi-Humanoids Walk from Britain Cemetary to the North, through the mountain pass, and turn left. 47 N, 1 W
Destard Den of Dragons From the Skara Brae mainland, follow the coast line. Destard lies North of the great swamp area. 89 S, 10 W
Hythloth Hellish Fiends Far away, on Fire Island, lies the entrance to Hythloth. 167 N, 120 W
Orc Caves Orcs all around In the Serpent's Spine Mountains, the entrance to the Orc Caves can be found. 16 N, 21 W
Painted Caves Home of the Troglodytes A short walk southwest of Trinsic, near Hidden Valley. 120 S, 27 E
Prism of Light Crystal Creatures Northeastern tip of the isle of Nujel'm. 46 N, 173 E
Sanctuary Camp of the Outcast Elves In the mountains south of Yew, near the Brigand Camp. 2 S, 39 W
Shame Elemental Playground From Yew, keep walking South-West. A mountain pass will lead to a small forest area that holds the entrance to Shame. 5 N, 56 W
Solen Hive Insect's Lair Random appearing patches of dirt give access to hidden tunnels. 71 N 28E
75 N 90 E
102 S 25 E
15 N 41 W
Wrong Humanoid Dwelling Far North of the Britannian desert, a large crypt gives access to Dungeon Wrong. 123 N, 50 E
The Lost Lands
Dungeon Theme Location Sextant
Britain Passage the Sewer In the center of Britain, two ladders lead down into the sewers. 1 S, 11 E
Fire Dungeon the Volcano The north docks of Serpent's Hold give access to the entrance to Fire Dungeon. 156 S, 112 E
Ice Dungeon the Fridge West of Wrong, an opening in a mountain gives passage to the Ice Dungeon. 135 N, 37 E
Khaldun the Cursed East of Delucia, two openings in the mountain wall form the entrances to Khaldun. (Felucca only) 62 S, 3 W
58 S, 5 E
Palace of Paroxysmus Chief Paroxysmus' Domain A short walk northwest of Papua. 8 N, 25 W
Terathan Keep the War Zone West of Papua, in the west wing of an old building, ladders go down inside the Terathan Keep 2 S, 34 W
Trinsic Passage the Hot Dungeon South-West of Trinsic, a set of caves forms a passage to the Lost Lands 149 S, 21 E
Cave Theme Location Sextant
Ancient Lair Ancient Wyrm Inside mountain in Central Ilshenar 98 N, 27 W
Lizard Passage Lizards Inside mountain next to Lizard Camp in the South-West 25 N, 70 W
Mushroom Cave Mushrooms West of the Shrine of Spirituality 25 N, 9 E
Rat Cave Underground A bit North-East of the shrine of Sacrifice 41 N, 20 W
Spider Cave Arachnids Inside mountain in the Spider forsest, a bit North of Twin Oaks Tavern 62 N, 6 E
Dungeon Theme Location Sextant
Ankh Undead and Rats Various entrances in the South-West 41 N, 52 W
61 N, 46 W
17 N, 68 W
65 N, 36 W
Blood Red as Blood East of the Shrine of Spirituality 34 N, 29 E
Exodus Mechanics Central Ilshenar 74 N, 34 W
Rock Hard as Rock Deep inside the mountains east of the desert 92 N, 32 E
Sorcerers Enchanters Inside Terort Skitas mountain due south of Shrine of Valor 102 N, 54 W
Spectre Ethereals Beneath Reg Volom in Ilshen's Lake 51 N, 2 E
Twisted Weald Dread Horns Domain Inside the Mushroom Cave. N/A
Wisp FoA Shrine Below the shrine of Honesty 23 N, 29 W
27 N, 47 W
Dungeon Theme Location Sextant
Bedlam Necromancer Academy Inside the Bloodletters Guild in Umbra. 22 N, 52 E
Doom Meet your Doom East of the Necromancer city of Umbra, in the corrupted forest. 31 N, 72 E
Labyrinth Minotaur City On the Isle of the Divide. There is a teleporter west of Umbra that takes you there. 57 N, 28 E
Tokuno Islands
Dungeon Theme Location Sextant
Fan Dancer Dojo Fan Dancers and Demons In the forests on the northern part of Isamu-Jima. 125 N, 24 W
The Citadel Ninja Stronghold On the east coast of Isamu-Jima. 74 N, 1 E
Yomotsu Mines Mines of the Yomotsu In the mountains south of the Homare-Jima moongate. 74 N, 75 W