The Lost Lands - Khaldun Dungeon
Level 1

Dungeon Khaldun exists only on the Felucca facet !!

A leads out to the Lost Lands
B leads out to the Lost Lands


Home of the four cursed discoverers Tavara Sewel, Morg Bergen, Grimmoch Drummel and Lysander Gathenwale and their excavation crew. Cursed to do eternal battle with the undead Zealots of Khaldun, a cult that once worshipped death and sacrifice. Filled with eerie objects and very tough creatures, this tomb is not for the faint of heart. Especially murderers will fear to go here as the souls of the innocent that were killed there still roam around, seeking revenge on their killers. The dungeon has two entrances at the north side, that both lead to an area somewhat north-east of Delucia in the Lost Lands. There are secret doors, passages and levers throughout the dungeon that can make traveling there quite a puzzle.

In the center of the Dungeon one can find a sealed off room (green colored area) that holds various monsters. The door to this room can be found at F and is usally closed. To open the door, first go to D and discover the hidden switch. Flicking the switch will reveal a lever at point E. Run as quickly as you can to there (or use a friend waiting at that point), and pull the lever which will open the door found at F. After a short while, the door will close and there is no way to open it from inside. To get out of the room, use one of the four teleporters inside the room. They will teleport you outside of the room to the corresponding floor mark (see map).

Entering the Khaldun Central room


Another interesting area (which is sometimes referred to as "level 2") can be found in the area that is marked with an orange color on the map here. To get to that area, you have to jump into the black pit that you can find at point C. The area itself is not very interesting, as the spawn is relatively mild inside. However, in this room one can find the another Khaldun Puzzle Chest with interesting treasure inside. If you are having trouble with the jumping, make sure you have your cursor placed as shown in the picture and then double-click.

More Puzzle Chests can be found at the locations marked with a blue T on the map.

At the location marked with a blue P on the map you can find a pattern on the floor that changes shape as you walk over it. So far, no-one has been able find a purpose for this pattern. The pictures here show you how you can go from one pattern to another. You will need two people for this, or a tamed animal that you can tell to stay.