Character Name:A Fire Wizard

In A Place Where It Never Rains

In a place where it never rains

A place of fire, warmth and light...of ash, magma and flame

Tis the lost volcanic lands from which the fire wizards came.


They are never born, but rather made.

From embers and ash and the long lost knowledge of things and,

from which forth are never given names.

For only one reason were they ever made and for why they live;

To use their fires to warm others souls, to brighten lives with the light of their home.

To uphold goodness and to keep the flame of life from those who are cold.

To be sent to the lands where their needed most.


Still, their tempers burn as hot as a star when things are unfair.

Their minds are strong and fiery when they don't see the goodness in your ways

But, they are wise and kind and know everything.

And, as long as your respectably dressed,

if asked, a fire wizard will always do his best.


But, if angered a fire wizard's vengeance may never be met

For tis as mighty as a volcano's intense.

And for age after age, thus how it has been.


Till the day the elder fire wizards gave one of their new wizards a name

Breaking a key fiber of how fire wizards are made....

And twas Kaden Magmuss given...

as that young wizards name.


If the elders, though wise had only known the mistake they had made

Then Kaden Magmuss would still have no name.

For the lack of no name is what keeps evil, corruption and misery of a fire wizard at bay.


Yet the young wizard was kind and lived life that way

His soul was good as all fire wizards had been,

Hence the mistake of the giving of a name lay hidden,

Till the day he met a Rainman and the dark union formed

and changed everything.


Through lies and evil acts, Rainman slowly changed the wizard's heart and

over an age... blackened the soul of the fire wizard corrupting his mind

For twas the Name given that did not keep his soul safe.

And, on that night, Rainman gave Kaden his right and a black knight named Kabul his left

and a dark union truly raised....


In fear of what the elders would do,

Rainman traveled to the grand tower made of Brass

On the island of Ash

In the vast oceans of magma where the grand fire wizards rest.

There he hid, striking them down one by one from he shadows

So that Kadens descendents never would find their lost wizard of fire.


When the Necro Rainman returned, he told his left, Kabul of this evil acts

asking him if he was capable of such things and telling him Kaden must never know.

Yet overhearing the betrayal with every bone chilling word, the wizard Kaden had heard those

evil men's words from another room through a crack in the wall. For it was this moment Kaden

knew he was now truly alone.

But as betrayed, lied to and enraged, as he was, Kaden was wise...for the blood of the elder

fire wizards still dwelled within him and his mind cleared.

He vowed vengeance for their lost souls and in secret, stayed in the Evil Necros guild as a mole.


For patience twas the key of defeating the evil Necro Mancer

and he felt that that time had drawn near.

For the Rainman who released in Death, was seeking the lost regs of death ingredients needed

for a spell that would seize all lands for his own.

Having all but the last regs needed, Rainman took his own life to enter the abyss.

For twas the place where it could only be found...

His plan was to travel there and take the last regs and resurrect back to our world

to seize all the lands into darkness.


Kaden would follow Rainman into the abyss to seize his vengeance on his evil soul keeping him

there forever.


But in the days before Rainman's evil quest, the fire wizard Kaden gathered his own regs by the

light of the day while Rainman slept

But these regs weren't for death but rather life. Regs of flame and Ash. He learnt from the

embers of the lost knowledge of his descendents Ash. Kaden made a new wizard of fire giving

him knowledge of Ash, heat and fire teaching him all things good. Telling him of all things past...

and gave him no name.


Tis now a clear day and the last wizard of fire remembers his old master passed

and his true meaning of the elders ways...