Blind Otto - Blind Faith - the Tale of Blind Otto

Custom Portrait of Blind Otto, as drawn by Thanos

Below are the stories of the characters, the people, that helped make Britannia what it is today.
From Tailors to Warriors, from Mages to Murderers, we have all made our mark in one way or another.
So without further ado, start clicking on the links below and reading some great tales about some of the amazing heroes of Ultima Online!


A Fire Wizard - In A Place Where It Never Rains

Airmid - The Story of Airmid

Alexis - Alexis Montjoy of Queen Shieba's Alliance

Amythyst - The Story of Amythyst Dawn

Artimus Khyves - Interview of the U.O. Mind

Beatrice Quill - Journal Of A Young Scribe

Blue Bell - At The Beginning

Borg - May HONOR Guide and Bind Thee

Camilla - The Tale of Camilla

Cedric - The Story Of Cedric Myron

Celle - Shadow Follows Wherever The Light Leads

Corrigan - I Am Simply Corrigan

Dhark Darcsun - A Dark Lord's Tale, Or, Remember How Things Used To Be?

Daxon - The Life Story of Daxon

Gretchen - First Born Of My Father

Ivy - Not A Simple Tale To Tell

Kelandra - My Journey

Kiara - The Black Rune

Kolian - Lions

Lady Kataniya Lorelei Ly'lyn - How Does One Simply Write The Story Of Her Life?

Lady Muse - The Diary of Lady Muse

Lady Peace - The Story of My Life

Lady Spyder - A Re-Birth... The Return Of Spyder

Lady Talia - Where To Begin, Aye That Be A Grand Question I Do Suppose

Makarios - An Interview with a Ranger

Matheryn - Heritage Of Lord Matheryn

Megilhir - In Britannia

Mikael - The Autobiography of Mikael

NightOwl - The Letter

Orchrist Paralax - Elder Armswoman of Chesapeake

Osborn - The Autobiography of Osborn

Puppy - The Tale of Puppy

Radiance - My Story Begins On A Dark Night

Raidon - The Birth

Range of Atlantic - The Warrior that became a Magician

Rhiannon - My Journey

Sagittarius - The Life Of The Glorious Sagittarius

Shakina - The Tale of Shakina

Suhuy - The Story of Suhuy Firriell

Siobhan - The Story of Siobhan Minos

Stone Mathsonian - The Autobiography of Stone Mathsonian

Sylla - Daring to Dream

The Frarc - The Chronicle Of The Frarc

Vaen Swiftar - From "Childhood" To "You Are Free"

Vance Greybac - A tale - A trail - A triumph


Custom Portrait of UO Stratics Staffer Sahra Swift, as drawn by Thanos

Kimi Mori - Kimi's Birth

Mr. Sapp - Mr. Sapp's Tale

Sahra Swift - The Life Of Sahra Swift

Bloody Fingers - The Tale of Bloody Fingers

Thanos - Thanos and Raist of Yew

Tell us your story....

... your UO story that is!

UO Stratics invites you to submit the story of one of your UO characters – but with a slight twist!

We are seeking stories in the form of an autobiography of sorts – your life’s story. Be it your crafter or warrior, mage or murderer - tell us about you! How did you come to be in Britannia? What is your family's history and how has it influenced you? Were you born into riches or brought up in poverty? This is your opportunity to share the tale of what led to your character becoming one of the great hero's in the world of Ultima Online.

Entry Details and Guidelines

While this contest has no strict rules regarding entries, we do ask that you follow the guidelines below:

How To Enter - Entries must be submitted in either an MS Word document or similar plain text document. You may enter by emailing your story and accompanying illustrations to UO Autobiography Contest. ( Note: This email address is for submission of entries only!) To ease verification of prizewinners, entries must be sent from the email address attached to your Stratics username. Please include your Stratics username in your email!

Grammar - Entries will be judged solely on creativity and use of Britannian lore and history. We do ask you use a spellchecker where applicable - taking role playing into account - to insure your submission is as error-free and thus easy to read as possible.

Illustrations - A 'screenie' of your character’s paperdoll is required. We do encourage you to include additional illustrations with your entry. The only requirements here are:

  • Files must be in .jpg format
  • Images must be no larger than 500x500 pixels
  • No more than three (3) images including one of your characters paperdoll may be submitted.
Story Length - We didn't want to put a restriction on the LENGTH of your story, for the simple fact that it is hard for us to tell you just how much your character has been through to get to where he/she is now. The main thing to remember here is that real live humans are reading these submissions, so a 700-page text document may be a tad extreme! On the other hand, if you only make the story one paragraph long without really telling us anything, it may also be difficult to make it into the finals. We trust you to use your own good judgment.

Entry Deadline - This contest begins March 18, 2005 and ends March 31st, 2005 Contest entries must be submitted by midnight (PST), March 31st. No purchase necessary. Limit one entry per person.

Winner Selection and Prizes - Entries will be voted on by Stratics Staff to narrow the field to fifteen semi-finalists. From these fifteen entries, Stratics members will choose five finalists via poll. These five finalists will be ranked by the number of votes received, with additional prizes for First, Second, and Third place. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • Top 15 Entries - Cloth Map of Britannia & Lost Lands circa 1998
  • Top 5 Finalists - 30 day GameTime code (in addition to the cloth map) -
  • 3rd Place - UOSE T-Shirt (in addition to the cloth map map and 30 day GameTime code) -
  • 2nd Place - UO Hoodie (in addition to the cloth map and 30 day GameTime code)
  • 1st Place - In addition to the cloth map and 30 day GameTime code, we are very proud to offer the First Place winner a custom portrait of their UO character. This unique portrait will be created by Thanos, of our Stratics Art Team. Examples of Thanos' amazing artwork can be seen by clicking here. This prize promises to be truly a one of a kind!
Eligibility - This contest is open to all worldwide 18 and older. Stratics Team Members and Electronic Arts employees are not eligible. Void where prohibited by law.

Conduct - By entering this Contest, you agree to be bound by these rules.

Winners List and Notification - Winners will be notified via email. The names of the prizewinners will also be posted on the UO Stratics site.

** Disclaimer Legal Stuff: By placing material on or communicating with the Stratics bulletin boards, forums or submitting material for publication you hereby grant to Stratics and their affiliates and related entities the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, copy, modify, display, distribute and reproduce all such materials in any form, media, software or technology of any kind now existing or developed in the future. You also agree to indemnify, defend and hold Stratics harmless against any claims or costs, including attorneys' fees, arising from the use or distribution of those materials. You further grant Stratics the right to use your name in connection with the reproduction or distribution of such material.

Stratics wishes to thank EA for contributing several of the prizes, and a very special thank you to Thanos for his donation of the character portrait!