Character Name: Airmid

The Story of Airmid

The story of Airmid, who she is and where she came from has been told before and in different variations of the one below.


Airmid rose with the dawn and walked about her humble home preparing for her journey. She had traveled far to erase the memories of the battles she and her kind endured. They were the healers, the physicians of the Tuatha. Called upon in the Battle of Moytura with her father Dian and brother Miach they had created the Well of the Slain. It was created to restore life to warriors killed during battle. The wound would be dipped into the well and life would return making them fit for battle.

During the second battle of Moytura, the opposers had filled the well with stones in order to stop them from healing the warriors. Tirelessly they guarded the well and continued til victorious. But it had taken its toll on both men and the Gods of the Tuatha. Those of the Goddess of Danu, as the Tuatha de Denan is translated knew what it was like to be immortal. Their instructions and examples raised this child race "up on their shoulders" extending its vision and inspiring it with wonder and reverence for life at all levels. But letting them taste immortality with the Well had changed things and they desired more for no one can come to life again and not feel indestructible and superior. The had given men tools with which they could prosper: their actions exemplifying morality and justice, set patterns of conduct: their skills, ranging from the domestic to the creative encouraged the child race to develop their potential, and gave them the means of achieving wealth and contentment.

And such would be the downfall of both men and gods. For no one is immune to greed and self importance. Eventually it had taken her brother Miach after her father beheaded him in a jealous rage that his son should surpass his godlike healing abilities after restoring the severed arm of Nuada when his father could not. Airmid mourned his death so keenly that a ll the healing herbs of the world sprung from his grave while she tended to it. As she gathered them into her apron, her father came for her scattering all the herbs about so that she could not catalog them. Her life would be spared but she was encouraged to leave this land. No one was certain if Dian’s sanity would return for he learned too late the regret of his fit of hateful anger. He would never recover and forever mourn the loss of his son.

The Goddess Danu formed a gate and in secret did usher Airmid through. "Our race will soon diminish. The men and gods will clash for we have taught them all too well. Take with you the knowledge Airmid, of how frail the relationships formed are. For greed and envy at every turn awaits you. Do not mingle in the affairs of man. Aide them, comfort them and reside with them but do not show yourself to be of importance or seek positions in the appointed courts. Go quickly! I hear the breathe of your father in the halls!"

Airmid did step through the gate and instantly mists clung to her garments. Whispers beckoning her immediately started up in her ears. "misses stay…misses is tired, rest here….come misses." She closed her eyes trying to feel her way with her heart. Each step opened a gate to a new misty land all the while the sounds getting louder til at last fear might take hold of her. She wished to return to her people, even with the threat of her father she could at least face that fear. Cursing her immortal soul she continued on and finally called upon the strength of her brother to guide her. Immediately upon doing so an arm reached out to her from beyond the mist.

"Miss? Miss?" said the voice. This was not the whispery sounds of before. It was a mans voice and when she opened her eyes, she looked upon a man in armor staring down on her from his horse, still holding her hand.

Instantly her heart was at peace, the feathery sounds had diminished and the mists swirled away to reveal green grass and poppies littering the hilly terrain. "Miss?" asked the man yet again, "I am Lord Ruwendon, are you quite alright?"

And so would begin the new journey for Airmid, daughter of Dian Cecht and sister to Miach. It would bring her to these lands that were broken apart and yet the same. Cursing her immortal soul in the mist had exactly that effect for she soon learned she healed not as well or quickly in this Lake Superior land and that only fragments of memory remained. Bits and pieces would litter her mind but it was the important things that stayed with her. The warnings from Danu prior to her escape.

The love she had for her brother and all that she had learned from him. How to construct the Well of the Slain if the needed herbs could be found in these lands. She tirelessly began gathering and cataloging the herbs from memory as she tried to do her brother justice. She had formed a bond with this Ruwendon and his company of strangers, they would come to each others aide upon request but leave each other to their business. She soon met others that would find themselves in this strange new land after leaving the mists and it was her joy to welcome them to her home and treat each new one as royalty and guide them in their journeys and skills training for that is the purpose of the Tuatha. As much as she missed her beloved people, she had come to love her new home and the people that shared these lands.

Word had reached her that new arrivals were expected in Haven this day and there was much to do. They needed to be warned that a battle continued in the city of Britain and danger awaited them there. Calling her noble steed, she loaded up her supplies and set off for the morning trip. They trotted slowly at first, until the mornings crisp air reached the lungs of her strong horse and it set off into a heated run. They would reach Haven in no time.