Character Name: Bloody Fingers

The Tale of Bloody Fingers

In the swamps of Felucca in the land of Baja, Omara gave birth to a baby girl. Alone, as her husband Ibrahim was at sea, Omara had to deal with the pain and joy of child birth solo.

Bathing her newborn with the only water available which was swamp water, her baby had a terrible reaction. Maybe it was the decaying Lizard men or the secretions from Swamp Dragons that putrefied the water. This acidic water forced hemangioma to form on this poor child's hands and fingers. Overwhelmed with the birth itself plus this tragedy Omara waited for her husband to return from the sea to name this unfortunate child.

Twenty days and twenty nights passed until Ibrahim returned. Smelling of salt and sea upon seeing his wife, Ibrahim hugged and kissed her. Noticing she no longer had a protruding tummy his thoughts went to his child. " A son or a daughter? " he spouted out.

Omara answered "a girl", but quickly cautioned him to wait before he climbed the stairs to the upper level of their Villa.

Hearing of the child's deformity he scuffed and scowled as he trotted up the stairs.

Upon seeing his child with red hands and fingers he spat on the floor and stated, " This child….I will NEVER claim it as mine!". Needless to say Omara was horrified and tried to calm her husband down to no avail. " Bloody Fingers, that is what she will be called! ". Omara pleaded with her husband. " Her name is Bloody Fingers, she can stay under my roof until she is of eighteen years then out she goes, " Ibrahim said with disgust.

Bloody Fingers had a troubled childhood, rejected by her own Father and rejected by all the children in the village. In public Bloody Fingers hide her hands in gloves or wrapped in fabric but everyone knew what was under them. Everyone had seen the hands at one time or another.

The only saving grace Bloody Fingers had was that her father went on long fishing trips. During those bouts at sea Bloody Fingers was able to spend quality time with her mother as Omara could never show affection to this child in front of Ibrahim.

Spending most of her time alone, Bloody Fingers trained herself as a warrior as she knew the life ahead of her would be a rough one. Lumberjacking was another skill she mastered as it made her blows faster and stronger.

Upon her seventeenth birthday, one year earlier than her father demanded, she left home. Wanting to get as far away as possible from her childhood home she set sail for the land of Great Lakes. Kissing her mother good bye she set out for new lands. Before long it became apparent access to the other lands was not possible yet. Roaming the forest for weeks until passage was possible Bloody Fingers spent time talking to herself and the animals while hunting during the day and sleeping in caves at night.

The day finally came when one could enter new lands. Bloody was told by several strangers the land of the Legends was the place to go. Bloody stuck with her original plan and arrived in the land of the Great Lakes on a sunny blissful morning.

It became apparent her lumberjack skills were no longer a bonus for her which was very depressing as she worked so hard at it. With hands covered Bloody Fingers met many nice people in Great Lakes. All told her she was old school and needed to update her skills and create new ones which she did not do.

When asked her name she never hid the fact her birth name was Bloody Fingers but she always hid the reason why. That was until one day.

While foraging through the forest on the outskirts of Vesper, Bloody Fingers heard a strange sound coming from under a pile of leaves. Slowly approaching it with caution the sounds got louder, it was a crying sound. Brushing away the leaves and branches a very young child lay naked and shivering with a note tied around its neck. Snatching the note quickly it read, " To whom this may concern, If ye finds this child alive do as ye please with it. It is a monster we can no longer live with. " But how could a child of but maybe one year in the world be a monster?

Lifting up the baby in her arms Bloody Fingers saw why. This child too had a hemangioma. Thinking the child was red from the cold it became apparent this child's body was 80% covered with the same red birth mark that covers Bloody's hands and fingers.

With great compassion Bloody Fingers took this child back to her house and raised her as her own. She named this child Petronilla. To this day they live together as mother and daughter, creating a loving, caring world for each other.