Character Name:Cedric Myron

The Story Of Cedric Myron

In the year 322, the year of the dragon's horde, Cedric Myron was born into the world of Brittania. Born to Grey and Leisia Wulf, Cedric was raised and tutored in a great many things. His father Grey Wulf was a prominent scribe in the city of Trinsic, and taught Cedric and his older brother, Peter, the ways of arcane magicks. Their mother, Leisia, was known for her paladainhood and belief in an old god named Tempus. Tempus, while wandering the worlds, fell under the spell of those loyal to the shrine of valor. He appeared to few in visions while on the battlefield, Leisia was one of these few. Leisia taught her boys the power and importance of all the virtues and then began their training in weaponry. Both began to become very skilled in the art of war, as it was, and both Peter and Cedric were fastly becoming virtuous warriors of the city Trinsic. It was decided during these times that Peter would become a paladin of Trinsic, which made his mother very, very proud. He began escorting his father's caravans to Britian, along with his mother. The road was long from Trinsic to Britian and filled with great dangers, but this gave Peter more experience as how to navigate the lands. Cedric who was ever aspiring to be like his father, was sent to Empath Abby to complete his formal schooling in the art of arcane magicks. Years went by as the brothers grew in fame and prosperity and they returned home to Trinisic.

Grey had been told of a rich merchant in Britan looking to buy a large amount of bless scrolls, which Grey had in stock. Ten thousand scrolls were placed onto carts and were ready to be carried off by their regular caravan. Cedric and Peter decided it best, with as much as there was at stake, to escort the caravan themselves. Leisia decided to follow along with the boys to assure their safety. They set off on their journey that day well armed and with spirits high. What the family didn't know was a band of brigands had also set out that day, marching across the land looting and pillaging all in their path. On the third day of their trip, they fell under attack by this band of ruffians. They were seriously out numbered but fought gallantly. A mage from the opposing band, cast powerful magic spells to hold the family at bay while the brigands killed the escort and looted what they wanted from the caravan. After taking their fill, they turned their hostilities towards the family members. Tempus blessed Leisia once more, by freeing her from the spells of the evil mage, she began to attack with the fervor of a tiger protecting it's young. Hundreds of brigands fell to her sword but they proved to be too much for her. The evil mage cast a horrible spell on Leisia and she fell to the ground, writhing in pain. Shards of metal, like small daggers, erupted from Leisia's skin splitting her open and leaving her bloodied on the battlefield. A rage overtook Peter and he was able to break his bonds. He charged at the mage and called on Tempus to guide his sword. The mage was destroyed by Peter's masterful swordsmanship, but the battle was far from over. The brigands charged Peter relentlessly and it was clear that he too would fall if he did not escape. Cedric watched in horror as his family was slowly cut down by this group of evil men. Powerless to help his brother he wept in place. Peter when seeing hope was lost, ran for his brother but was cut down only a few feet from Cedric. His blood fell on Cedric's face and he was let to bleed to death at his brother's feet. The group descended on Cedric and beat him. Cedric was unable to break his bonds and soon fell unconscious. When he awoke, he was beaten and alone, left with nothing but a healer's robe that was laden with the blood of his brother. The smell of burning flesh rocked his senses as he found a large pyre had been built to burn the dead. His Mother and Brother were among those in the fire. He wept and cried to Tempus for vengeance. A few hours later, Grey Wulf, arrived with a band of paladins.

The story was told and Grey was crushed. They returned home to Trinsic only to leave at once for Empath Abby where Grey Wulf could escape memories of his love lost. There they lived for many years, under the watchful eye of many priests of the Abby. Grey Wulf picked up a smithing hammer and began his work as a smith. He would many times be heard working well into the night at the forge. Many times he would cry as he worked the metal. Pounding out armor for his remaining son and saying prayers to Tempus, blessing each one. Cedric took the road to priesthood and saw visions of his mother's god, Tempus. He refused to do any more work with swordplay after the fall of his brother. Instead he picked up a mace and went to work on learning it. Cedric went on to create a guild called Divus Gustos Sanctus, meaning Divine Guard of the Holy. Then he built a temple in remembrance of his fallen family and to house his newly formed guild. He achieved priesthood in the year 345. In priesthood, Cedric chose to continue to be called by the name Cedric, but chose to add Myron as a last name. Cedric still follows the virtues as was taught to him by his mother and has dedicated his life and guild to healing those who are dying or sick on the battlefields of our lands. Self-sacrifice and compassion drove DGS to work their magic in the lands of Sosaria. To this day, before entering battle Cedric cuts open his hand and bleeds himself war paint to wear on his face, in remembrance of his family.

This is the story as it was written by Jesalock, Priest of Empath Abby.