Character Name: Celle

Shadow Follows Wherever The Light Leads

"Shadow follows wherever the Light leads."------------ by Celle

All the things happend so far in my life, might go back to the day Johan threw me on the back of "Chillhill" and gave him order to carry me away. Or maybe even earlier, my life bound to be changed at the very moment I set my eyes on the silver white mane of "Chillhill".

As when "Chillhill" escaped rapidily away from the battle field which I once called hometown, I dare not looked back. Being too afraid of seeing Johan's figure lying on the ground, sky-blue eyes staring straight lifelessly, and auburn hair dip into his own blood under the crushes of sieging enemies.

Still, I looked back. To memorise the fell of Johan as well as the fell of Britan. People of Britan had warned us, "Those shadow armies are evil," they all said, "they could torn men apart with bare hands and chew on their flesh."

"Like ogres?" I gasped everytime I heard this.

"Even worse." they warned. "Watched out for Johan, if you still wish to have a fiancee. Never let him join the True Britannian, NEVER let him."

They have warned me so many times. Still, I could not prevent Johan to pursue his dream. He had trained so hard ever since I met him. I did not have the heart to tell him not to join the calvary of True Britannian. Even now I would not grief upon the past and regreted the fact I did not stop him. "Regret" was an excuse for the weak ones to have moments of feeling pity on themselves. So I did not regret, and will never regret on the decisions I chose to make.

"Chillhill" becoming weary by every moment, I could feel his exhaustion by the way he breathed. Yet he knew we are not safe unil we reached Maginicia. The Shadow armies the thought of them sent shiver down to my spine, and I held Chillhill's mane firmly and hidden my face in it. Then I fell into my sleep.

My dream had carried me back to the day when Johan and I first met. That was a sunny day. Once again ignoring my parents' warnings, I sneaked out the house to the Spiritwoods to see the wisps. I liked wisps, although I could not understand their language, I still loved to see their figures flying through the woods. They are like the lights of wisdom, I thought then, just people are too foolish and ignorant to seek knowledge from them.

Then an orc had came along. Myabe it is blood-thirsty or maybe it just hungry. However, I became his hunt. Just when I saw he draw upon his blood-stained hatchet and prepared to throw it to me, "Chillhill" came. Unlike the fairy tales of all the loving stories, it was not the prince came to rescue, it was his noble steed. "Chillhill" fought him back and saved me. Most of all, he had brought Johan to my life. I stayed alive because of "Chillhill", Johan and I met because of "Chillhill". If Johan was all my happiness, then "Chillhill" was the key to my happiness.

"Chillhill" stopped running, and I was awaken. I tried to see through the darkness in the night, but my eyes just wouldn't let me. I felt something moving in the darkness, stealthily, fastly and quietly. Like the branches of shadows dancing and rejoycing under the moonlight.

Then the next moment I was attacked.

I fell heavily on the ground, breaking my left leg, but I did not care. I saw now, four knights of Shadow Lord surrounded "Chillhill" and I was captured in the hands of two Shadow mages. I heard the leading one said "Have the girl alive, we need slave in our camp," he laughed. " and finished the steed, so we could have a nice meals on table tonight!"

His words froze me. I have lost Johan already, I could not bare the sight of losing "Chillhill" again. I simply could not. I yelled and I screamed, I tried to lose their grips, but they only held me stronger.

"Chillhill" wa bleeding heavily, his silver-white mane had turn into blackness with his blood stain. Yet, "Chillhill" refused to fall. He looked at me, not for help, his eyes only showed his desperation of wishing to save me from those beasts.

For the first time after the war, tears escaped from my eyes.

"No, milady, no tears could spare you or your little pony now." the leading one said. "Cause you see, we are not famous for our mercy."

"Then, might you fall with us," I said calmly. the coldness in my tone even scared myself. "Looked at me and remembered my words." he looked at me, then I spoke slowly, word by word. "You will be stroke by the lightening of rage and you WILL being eaten in the blaze of fire. That will be YOUR and your ONLY end."

Maybe my tone scared him, maybe it was the mood in the atmosphere got him. He looked at me in disbelief at first, then I promised at that moment when his eyes encountered mine, I saw fears. Then he punched me with his fist. The impact of his strength threw me away from the clenched of the two mages, back to the side of "Chillhill".

"Forget the girl, kill them both," the leading one gave orders. "Strike by lightening you have said?" he laughed. "Now looked who is going to be strike by the lightening first?"

The two mages started to chant, I could feel the cold air started to surounded "Chillhill" and I. Strangely I was not afraid. With "Chillhill" stood by me, I was not afraid of anything even titans. I stared straight into the eyes of "Chillhill" and I saw his dark brown eyes were staring back with affection I did not notice before. Maybe it was my imagination, once again, I saw Johan in the eyes of "Chillhill".

Then next moment "Chillhill" screamed in the strike of lightenning.

At first I prepared to accept my death, but nothing happend. The two mages just stared weirdly at "Chillhill". Then I have found out their chanting had not been completed.

But the lightening? Where did the lightening come from? I watched Chillhill still standing, his mane burned under the fire that lightening brought. His eyes blood-red with angers. His breathe contained fire with inferno heat.

"No, it is not possible!!" one of the mages screamed. "A calvary steed could not choose to fall on his own will. It must have the order of its master. It could not have FALLEN..." The lightening stroke him before he could ever finish the words.

One of the knight started to run then the other fled with him, but they were too slow. "Chillhill" caught up with them like storm.

The remaining mage who was smart enough to cast "recall" still left an arm as souvenir for "Chillhill". Then six down, one to go.We turned around and saw the leading one kneeling down in the dirt.

"Please have mercy on me..." he pleaded.

Well, then of course, there was nothing to say but: "We are not famous for our mercy".

And he died just the way as I said.

I did not understand the turn of "Chillhill" until many years passed by and finally I have set my feet in the palace of wisdom: "The Lycaem" in Moonglow.

"Your question is very interesting, you know." the old mage asked.

I nodded without further explanation.

"Very well," the old mage picked up a book from the bottom of the shelf. "From this book ""Mythical Story of Legendary Creatures", it had said "A calvary's steed would have fallen into the form of nightmare if its owner decided to give up the honor and light he pursued."

That answered some of the questions that had buried in my heart for many years, but there was still one left.

So I asked. "Could a calvary's steed choose to become a nightmare with his own will?"

"No, your question is not making sense at all." the old mage exclaimed. "You see, a calvary was condemned into the fallen knight because he had broken his vow of protecting light. By breaking the vow of honor, it became a curse that haunted him and his steed for the rest of their lives. So it is impossible for a steed to become a nightmare on its own, if there is no master to break the vow first!"

I left the Lycaem with last question and the mage's answer in my mind. Although he did not quite answer my final question but the truth is clear to me.

The truth is Johan had never left me, he had always stayed with me. On that night, he and "Chillhill" had gave up their dreams and vows just to save me.

And that is enough for me to know.