Character Name:Corrigan

I Am Simply Corrigan

I would like to tell you that my name is Lady Corrigan, but alas it is not. I am simply Corrigan and hopefully I do not need the title to win your respect. No life in the lands of Britannia are easy. For most, training and survival is hard and many do not even survive.

However, I was determined in everything. Moonglow was the city I called home. At a very young age my mother and father suspected that I had a gift in the magickal arts. They traveled to Verity Isle and to the city of Moonglow where they left me with High Mage Rallean. I continued to live with Rallean at the Lyceaeum where I received my training.

Training, oh! Tedious spell memorizations, chanting words that meant nothing, and hours of history were all part of the teachings that Rallean insisted I learn. He always insisted that I learn about the shards of the gem that were broken by Mondain, and how we lived in one that was called Baja. Many times I thought of giving up and going to find my parents. There were days that I hopefully wished that the gift of magick would just drop from my soul, yet I pushed on. Eventually spells came easier. I started helping people with healings and ridding the citizens of the undead that stalked their graveyard and finally began to feel fulfilled.

It wasn't until the day High Mage Rallen came to me with a gift, that I truly knew that I was a mage. He handed me a silver box with the glowing symbol of the Lyceaeum on it. As I opened it, I saw inside was a beautiful blue robe. I'll never forget his words to me…

"Never forget your mage gifts are to help first, and hurt second. You will be relied upon time and time again for things that you will find redundant. Remember to hold your head high, but not so high that you trip over a pebble. No longer do you need to don the dark grey training robe, you are free to wear what ever color you wish. I choose this blue for you, as I think it brings out your beautiful blue eyes."
My travels then began, as I stepped into the real world for the first time. I was terrified of everything. My first visit to Britain overwhelmed me. The sheer number of people, all shouting what wares they had for sale, was hard to take. Quickly though, I found that a Grandmaster Mage was highly sought after. I spent many months helping heal people, putting their ghostly souls back into their corpses and giving people the gift of light. Eventually things were becoming too expensive for me in the city. I simply could not afford to stay there, as I did most of my work as favors and not for gold.

I took that as my sign to spread my magick. Packing up the handful of belongings that I owned, I bought a horse and started my way away from the city. Many creatures threatened my life, but I learned how to defend myself. Never did I kill unnecessarily and often I did not kill at all, only wounding the creature well enough that I could escape.

In each city that I visited I met people I could call friends. Many times we would complete tasks for citizens to earn gold. Soon I earned enough gold to buy myself a home. Times went on and I became known by many, but I grew tired of everything. It was all becoming too familiar.

Then the whispers began.

Whispers that told a tale of lands far away. Lands that were not quite different then our own, but with different people and different problems. Curious, I began to frequent the taverns hoping to pick up a piece of gossip. Finally I heard it.

"This is a delicate process," I was told. "Gather your things quickly and meet me at the inn at midnight! No later!"

Scrambling I grabbed everything that was important to me and arrived at the inn with ten minutes to spare. My packhorse bounced and pulled, obviously able to smell the thick scent of magick in the air. Magick that I had never felt before.

"Here child," the hooded stranger pointed to the middle of his circle. "Be still and silent and everything will be fine."

I pulled the packhorse still as we stood on in the circle, surrounded by candles. I felt a pulling on my soul as everything went dim. Pulling on the horses reins hard to keep her in control, I fell to my knees, then everything was black.

As my eyes fluttered open, the sun overhead, I saw a smiling man hunched over me.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Well, we're not sure," he said still smiling. "We're not too sure where you came from either, but we are sure glad to have you nonetheless. Welcome to Napa Valley."

And, for me, life began once again.