Character Name: Daxon of Atlantic

The Life Story of Daxon

My name is Daxon and this is my story. I write this with the hope that others who fall on hard times don't become hard and bitter like me. My life story is not a happy one and not filled with heroic deeds, but it is a story that should be told.

I was born 27 years ago in Minoc. My father was a grandmaster blacksmith with a small shop on the south side of town called The Forgery. My mother worked at The Barnacle Tavern. The New World Order warrior’s guild was directly in front of the tavern. She spent many long nights listening to the tales of the drunken warriors.

We lived on the west side of town in a small log cabin. I spent most of my childhood days at the Golden Pick Axe Miner guild learning the fine details of collecting and smelting ore. On the weekends we would often visit the Mystical Lute to listen to the grandmaster bards. Many of the songs they sung were about warriors from the New World Order Warriors guild.

As I grew into my teenage years I took up a job at the stables shoveling horse dung. I think the stable at Minoc has more horse dung than all of the stables in Britannia. It was not a great job and I could have earned more money hunting mongbats, but there was a girl involved. Juliane was studying to become a tamer. I stood in awe whenever she tamed a bear or wolf just by gently speaking to it.

As time went on we grew closer until I decided to propose. She accepted my proposal and our wedding date was set.

Just two weeks before we to become man and wife rumors of orcs scouting out the area outside of town started to spread. Some of the warriors at the tavern spoke of orcs that had somehow gained the ability to teleport while hidden. They also told of orcs that were frightened, not of the warriors, but of some other yet unknown fear. We were not sure if it was just the drunken ramblings of tired warriors or if there was truth to the claims. We feared an invasion was looming, but did not wish to flee the town we called home. The wedding date was not changed because of the orcs.

A close friend of mine who was a blacksmith and tinker had recently learned the art of stone crafting. He built a statue of Juliane and I just outside of the town hall we were to be married in. Once the wedding was over it would be transported to our new home.

He has mentioned that he was working on a weapon of incredible power. Some kind of forked weapon that created vibrations. He said that it would be a valuable tool to the warriors, but if it fell into the wrong hands it could spell disaster for us all. I some times wondered if he had spent too much time smelting agapite ore and had gone a little nutty.

He was almost finished with our statue when he disappeared. We feared that the orcs may have captured him seeking this weapon he had created. We hoped that he left without telling anyone where he was going in order to protect the weapon.

Finally our wedding day came. The entire town crowded into the little town hall. The Mayor had just pronounced us man and wife and as we began to kiss we heard a commotion outside. The clang of swords, the screams of men, the grunts of orcs and the explosion of bombs. We all peered out the Eastern windows and saw the army of orcs charging into town. It wasn't that they were invading, but they were fleeing from their new enemy. They were humans, but had skin as white as snow. They were not fighting to free Minoc from the orcs, but to destroy the orcs and us as well. They quickly earned the title of savages. The war between the orcs and savages was spilling over into our peaceful town.

The townspeople began to flee north to try to escape the battle that our warriors were losing. Juliane and I had planned to sail north through Lost Hope Bay to a beach resort on Bald Island. I had a boat park just behind the Mystical Lute where our reception was to take place. No one saw the boat parked on the south side of the building since they were all fleeing north. I took the hand of my bride and my parents and we quickly boarded the boat. As we sailed through the bay we could hear the sounds of the battle raging through town. We could see the smoke rising from burning buildings and we could hear the screams of our fellow townspeople. We had escaped, but we may be the only survivors.

We were going to try to get to Trinsic to see if we could gather some warriors to help free Minoc. I tried to comfort Juliane as best I could. Her parents were with the group fleeing northward. It was highly possible they did not survive the attack.

Shortly after we sailed past Amoeba Island we noticed the boat was starting to go faster. The wind didn't pick up and as far as I knew the current didn't flow northward in this area. But here we were going faster and faster. Then we saw what was pulling us in so quickly. A massive whirlpool had formed directly ahead of us. We lowered the sails and tried to paddle to fight the current, but it was just too strong. As we entered the whirlpool the ship nearly tipped over. I hung onto Juliane with all my might as my father and mother clung to each other. We went further down and then there was darkness.

I don't know how much time passed before I woke up. When my mind finally came out of the fog and I cracked my eyelids I found myself looking up at a dark shadow color stone ceiling. I tried to sit up, but found that my body was too weak and in too much pain to respond. "Mordin, he is awake." Two men then came to stand over my bed. Mordin and Greyn Grimswind were their names. They explained to me that the whirlpool had brought me too another facet called Malas and I was in a town called Umbra. They said there was no way to get back to Britannia.

"What about my wife and parents? Did you find them at gatewater lake?" I asked.

"Yes, but I am sorry they did not survive." Mordin answered me.

I had been in a coma for a week and my family had already been buried. Umbra is the town of necromancers so I devoted myself to learning everything about the dead to try to find a way to bring back my beloved Juliane and my parents.

I spent years working as an underling of Mardoth the Ancient Necromancer. He once told me that he thought I had what it would take to become the greatest necromancer ever known, but I think he used that line on all his followers.

I eventually became a grandmaster necromancer. I had spent many hours in the dungeon doom fine tuning my skills. I also began to steal some of the artifacts scattered about the dungeon. In addition to my stealing abilities and necromancy I began to learn to hide myself from the dangers of the dungeon. When I failed to properly hide myself I used a dagger to fend of the hordes of ugly monsters. I found that if I applied poison to the blade I could attack with an infectious strike causing sickness to come over my victims.

After years of study and many failed attempts, many of which were very frightening, I realized that my skills as a necromancer could never bring back my lost loved ones. It was then that I was finally able to grieve for them.

I left Umbra and built my own home near the bridge that crosses the divide of the abyss just south of Luna. A few months later moongates opened in Luna and Umbra that gave us access to Britannia. I don't know who opened the moongates and I don't really care, it gave me a chance to return home to see if anyone had survived the battle many years before.

Upon returning home I found the war had ended long ago and the town was rebuilt. It had only lasted about a month before the valiant people of Britannia drove the evil forces out of the town. More people survived than I had expected, but when they found out I was a necromancer and thief they cast me out of town. Even the gypsies refused to have anything to do with me. Juliane's parents didn't believe my story and thought I had used their daughter in some sort of evil necromantic ritual.

I returned to my home in Malas. Bitterness and hate began to over take me. I had no one and no one wanted me. I decided it was time I stop stealing from a bunch of mindless creatures in doom and start going for the big prizes in Felucca. I had heard about the white scrolls with magic inscriptions that would allow you to excel in certain skills. Some of them selling for millions of gold in Britain.

As I began focusing on my stealing abilities my skills as a necromancer grew stale, but that didn't matter. I had always found dealing with the dead rather creepy and would not miss the red robed fools in Umbra.

So now I spend my days preying on unsuspecting fools and stealing away their hard earns scrolls of power. I am always entertained by the desperate attempts to catch me when they cast poison fields where they saw me hide. The dimwits must not realize that I am able to move while hidden. The smarter ones try to block off the escape route with energy fields, but I have learned the skill the orcs used long ago. I can easily jump those fields while hidden in the shadows.

Now before you think that I am all bad, I do try to steal more from those who have made a bad reputation for themselves and those who find pleasure in killing the innocent. Given the chance I would gladly kill them and I have taken down a few in my time wandering the dungeons of Felucca. Even the worst citizens of society have a sense of right and wrong, as warped as it may be.

I often find myself kicking back watching a great battle take place on the little island in despise. Do I care who wins those battles? Not usually. I will steal from whoever victor is. The warring guilds are usually so involved in fighting each other they tend to overlook the fact that they often shove something invisible out of the way. I don't know what they think I am when they push me when I am hidden, but most of them don't really seem to think much of it.

That is my life, I hope you can learn something from it and not end up like me. Sure I may have a profession that is filled with adventure and can be very profitable, but many times I spend the night tossing in bed from the guilt I experience. Other times I spend the night in a death robe looking for a healer with enough compassion to return me to the world of the living.

Next time you visit Minoc please take note of the statue that still remains outside the town hall. It even has Juliane's two favorite pets walking along side us. Had it been finished you would be able to read the inscription "Daxon and Juliane, lovers forever - sculpted by Filberto"