Character Name: Kiara

The Black Rune

Kiara, the daughter of Kegan and Shayla, was born in Yew. Her parents had met as apprentices to the Keeper of the Book of Truth. During their many hours of study, they confided in each other and a strong love developed between them. The Keeper recognized this. He also acknowledged that Kegan and Shayla were among the most promising students he had ever seen. They held true to the Eight Virtues and had strength of will stronger than his own. When they wed, the Keeper decided to entrust these two with something of far more import than even the Book of Truth. On their wedding day the Keeper was seen giving them a tattered runebook. Nobody ever knew exactly what was held within this book the two would never discuss it. It was rumored that within that book was the key to all of Sosaria.

After this, Kegan and Shayla became noted travelers of the lands. During this time they developed what some viewed as the peculiar hobby of marking runes to exotic locations during their travels and giving them to friends. The pair were welcomed across the lands by the powerful who sought their knowledge of the virtues and perhaps learn of the secret runebook. Even Lord British himself requested their presence every time they made their way to Britain. It was not long before they become known as some of the most influential people in the lands.

When Kiara was born they decided to settle in Yew, close to the Keeper, who had become one of their greatest confidants. As Kiara grew up her parents continued on their travels, often leaving her in the care of the Keeper.

One night, when she was 10, Kiara's father arrived home out of breath and looking frightened. He took her mother to a separate room and Kiara only heard hints of a hurried conversation. When her parent emerged her mother was ashen faced and with a look of deep concern instructed Kiara to grab her things. Her father, meanwhile, grabbed a package from their library. After telling Kiara and his wife to never forget that he loved them and does now only what he must for the sake of all of Britannia he ran from the house. After Kiara had grabbed some of her things her mother took her to Empath Abbey and woke the Keeper. In her mother's conversation with the Keeper, Kiara heard words she would remember for the rest of her life. "Keeper, the acolytes of Minax seek to reclaim Mondain's treasure. We hope to protect it, but fear we may fail. Please watch over Kiara and pray for our return." The Keeper asked where they were going and where they possibly thought they could hide. Kiara's mother replied with a simple "I do not know old friend and teacher. We do what we must." Her mother then left the Abbey. The rest of the night Kiara spent frightened. The fact that the Keeper was also disturbed only served to frighten her more.

The next day, the Keeper took Kiara to her house where they discovered that it had been ransacked, almost everything destroyed. Several days later, word came back to the Keeper that the bodies of Kegan and Shayla had been found by Royal Patrols. Kiara's mother had been found East of Skara Brae, while her father had been found Northeast of Vesper. There was no mark upon them, but they looked as if they were in extreme pain. They were brought to Empath Abbey and interred there, something normally reserved for royalty. Lord British himself presided over their funeral and the Keeper delivered the eulogy. At the King's order, all of Britannia observed a three day period of mourning. After the ceremony, many of Kegan and Shayla's old friends gave runes they had received to Kiara. These runes became all that Kiara had left of her parents.

The Keeper took Kiara under his wing and had her move into Empath Abbey where he became a tutor and like a father to her. Often, at night, he would ask Kiara about the package her father had held when she last saw him. She knew nothing about it, however, and could provide few answers. Meanwhile, travelers to the Abbey would often bring her more runes, a tribute to her parents. Even the Keeper himself would make an effort to bring runes for her. Kiara, however, never left Yew. She feared the people who had killed her parents would seek her out and kill her, looking for any knowledge she may have. She also would never return to her parent's house, except for one time.

Eventually, Kiara decided to move out on her own. However, since she dared not leave Yew, she moved to a house just ten steps east of the Abbey. Because she like the travelers who had shown her so much kindness since her parents' deaths and because of her attachment to runes she decided to open a Rune Library. As this library grew, she moved to larger houses, but always remained in Yew. Eventually, she moved to a 12x12 house northeast of the Yew Bank. At this time, the library was known as the Celtic Library.

One day, a young lord stopped by her library. His name was Nimrod. He started to come by the library often, seeking to learn more about Kiara. Around this time, the Keeper died and Kiara found comfort in Lord Nimrod. He often tried to get her to travel with him, to see the secrets of the world and understand what a true asset her library is. After the destruction of Minax's forces by the Royal Britannian Guard, she finally agreed to travel with the protection of Nimrod. As she traveled, she became enamored with the world, and quickly started marking her own runes. Nimrod helped her with this and, together, they dramatically increased the library's collection. Eventually, they began to realize that they must move to a larger place, and there were none near Yew that would be adequate.

About this time, news started to spread throughout the lands that the Council of Mages had managed to enhance the magic of the moongates, discovering a new land. Rumors spread that the few who had managed to travel there described vast plains of crystals spreading as far as the eyes could see. Descriptions of light playing through these crystals relayed some of the most beautiful and exotic sights Kiara had ever heard. She and Nimrod decided that these lands would provide an ideal place for their library and, one summer's eve, they set out to look for a new place.

As they traveled the new lands they saw many wonderful things. Enormous seas of empty space, where the two lovers could gaze at the stars, two new towns for them to explore, the plains of crystals, and, of course, many new places to mark runes to. One of the new towns, Luna, had quickly become an important trade location, filling with new shops. As they traveled through town one day they heard a man advertising a house for sale. After Kiara asked to see the house the man, Equinox, cast a gate travel spell. As he disappeared into the blue portal, he said one thing; "Just watch out for the monkeys. My control of them only goes so far... Hmm, do you have bananas? No? Oh well too late for that now..."

Looking at each other uncertainly, Nimrod and Kiara entered the gate and found themselves outside an old, crumbling house. Equinox was looking around somewhat concerned. He explained that he had trained an army of monkeys that he would use to attack a neighbor of his that had taken to making fun of his name, calling him an equine's posterior. As Kiara and Nimrod looked around, however they saw nothing except for a chunk of the wall falling to the ground with a thud. As they haggled over the price, Equinox would often get very scared and start throwing bananas inside the house screaming "NO! Stay in!" Eventually, a low price was reached due to the dilapidated condition of the house and the supposed monkey infestation. Upon selling, Equinox called out "Monkeys come!" and ran off, alone, into the distance singing about his mighty monkey army.

As Kiara and Nimrod entered the house, they were met with the sight of thousands of untouched bananas lying everywhere. They quickly decided they needed to demolish the house as the crumbling foundation needed to be rebuilt and, quite frankly, they wanted to get rid of the specter of crazy monkey army man.

As they started to move, Kiara wanted to show Nimrod her parent's house, now an old and falling apart place. Kiara had long desired to return, to look for more things to remind her of her parents. She never could alone. Looking through the house brought back many memories and she cried nearly the whole time. In her father's library, her blurred vision caused her to trip over something. As she lay on the ground she noticed a piece of wood sticking up from the dirt. Curiously, she pulled at it, and then tried to dig it out of the earth. Eventually, she pulled out a small crate, which, when she laid her hand upon it, sent a sensation of heat up her arm, glowed violet, and cracked open. In the wreckage of the crate was an old runebook. Calling Nimrod over to her, she carefully opened it to find a single black rune.

They immediately took this runebook to the new Keeper. He, however, knew nothing about it and insisted that the book belongs to them, and so do its secrets. Eventually, Nimrod and Kiara decided to cast upon the rune and discover where it leads. Upon materializing they realized they stood outside a large building of stone that had lava pouring down its sides. As they approached the door, the ground shuddered as Kiara's foot touched the first step, and the door's opened. Inside, they found a note. With surprise they saw it was a letter from her father.

"Kiara, dearest love of mine, I know you will find this as the book and doors were bound to your soul and can only be opened by you. Your mother and I were given a secret to guard, and now you must guard it."

After discussing amongst themselves, Kiara and Nimrod decided the best place to hide it would be in plain sight. So they placed the black rune in amongst their collection, feeling safe that it would remain unfound amongst all the others.

Kiara and Nimrod continued to enhance the library's collection and it grew in size dramatically. This helped hide the rune, but it was also Kiara's way of honoring her mother and father, whose love of runes strongly influenced Kiara's life. Today, the Black Rune Library is the largest rune library amongst all the lands, and the black rune itself remains safe and hidden from the hands of evil.