Character Name: Kimi Mori

Kimi's Birth

He has not cross through the Serpent Pillars since they had quit working so many moons ago.  The harbormaster said they were fixed now and that he was safe to travel through them to his favor fishing grounds.  As he sailed from the docks of Trinsic east toward the Serpent Pillar, his only thoughts were on the huge load of fish he would have in his hold upon his return to Trinsic and the profit when sold.  Upon arriving at the Serpent Pillar, he speaks the word of power that sailors and fishers have used for hundred of years, "doracron" fully excepting to cross over into the lost lands.  wow what a rush!

    Much to his surprise there was no Serpent Pillars on the other side and a violent storm was fast approaching his small craft.  As he tries to speed away from this storm his thoughts are on what has happen to the Pillar and where is he now.  Soon the storm catching up to his craft and the waves tossed and turn it, as if its a stick on rapid flowing waters, his last memories are of this huge giant wave crashing into his small craft tossing him like a pebble, his final thoughts are "I am going to die".   

    She is walking down the beach, searching for driftwood to use for carvings she makes when she see the body.  Thinking it is some lost fishermen from the city of Zento she immediately goes to aid this person but to her surprise this is no citizen from her lands.  Quickly checking to see if he is breathing, she made him as comfortable as possible then seek help to get him to her home.  well, well what do I have here

He awakes to fine an Angel feeding him hot soup, but her face is not of his lands and he fines he lacked the skills to speak to her, as his health return he takes steps to learn first the language of his beautiful nurse and where he is.  After which he would seek a way home if possible.   Over time he learns the language, found that his given name of Mori means "forest" in her lands and her name Kimi is "she who is without equal".

He was never able to return to homelands and not long after he and his angel fall in love and wed.  Their union produces a girl child, her mother was sadden with this for girl children were not desirable in her homeland, but he was delighted and this child was named Kimi Mori.

Her father's tales of these other lands spark her curiosity of these lands and when her parents die she begins her quest to seek the kin of Father's People.  A quest that leads her here to Sonoma, to her final destination, perhaps the best of all. 

Greetings Sonoma, I am Kimi Mori, Reporter.   Hello!